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I was looking forward to writing a post about all the Timeless Isle pets I’ve picked up since I got the snake and crab, but I can’t because I haven’t got any.

My priest had some work to get done so I parked my hunter up at Ruby Lake and checked the status of Garnia every 30 minutes or so.

I think I’ve killed that stupid thing more than 20 times now and no pet.

But I think there’s something else going on up at the lake.

Ok – everyone knows Garnia is a tough cookie to kill.  Maybe some raid-geared PvE hero can solo it but every time she’s spawned we need at least 3 people to show up or it’s a wipe.

And what happens when you wipe on Garnia even if you killed it?

You get sent back to the grave yard on ground level and have to catch another Albatross to get back up.

We’re looking at a 4 minute ride to the lake, and Elune help you if you can’t catch a taxi right away.  It could be as long as 7 to 10 minutes.

You know what happens in less than 4 minutes?

Garnia despawns – with your loot.

That’s right.  If you killed Garnia and died, there is no way you are going to get back up to the lake to loot it before it disappears.

It happened to me.  I’ve seen it happen to a few other people.  I’ve started suggesting to people who show up we group up.  If it looks like the kill is going south, I can feign death and mass rez everyone, or someone with rez spells or another hunter can save us all from that hellish trip.

Did no one at Blizzard figure this out?  Did no one ever die up there during the PTR?

Or are we getting Punked by Blizzard?

I have a theory that every time someone dies up there and misses their loot because Garnia despawns, cackling laughter is heard around Blizzard HQ.

“HAHAHAHAHA Look another one!”

Maybe I’m just paranoid.  Then again, maybe not.

On the bright side, I had Lil’Bling drop so that made up somewhat for a few rounds of Blizzard trolling at Ruby Lake.



I was starting to get so frustrated by the whole thing (because that’s what games are for, right? Not for fun!) I quit the whole Timeless Isle RNG-fest and leveled my baby Warrior to 90.

Level 90!

Level 90!

I think that’s now 8 Level 90s I have doing nothing.

I decked him out in Timeless Isle gear, got him some gems/enchants so all he needs is a weapon, a ring and another trinket.

Timeless Trolling Gear

Timeless Trolling Gear

I took him for a spin around the Isle but he’s pretty squishy. He can maybe kill one of the pink cranes or a few of non-elites but that’s about it.

I decked out my Death Noob in Timeless Isle gear for her off-spec Frost. I had a “plan” that I could kill stuff faster at the Isle as dps instead of tank spec.

Got her all fixed up, went through the Frost section at Icy-Veins then off to the Isle and OMG I was dead in seconds. I guess I forgot how to play Frost.

I’m doing a whopping 38k in tank spec, and apparently 0k as Frost, so back to Blood spec.

Yeah, I got some work to do.

Oh…and I had another Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent drop.  I traded it to someone who was eligible to loot it, so I hope it made someone’s day.

RNG be troll’n me too…

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