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So…yeah, I want one of those cute little spirit pets I haven’t snagged yet.

After spending oh, I don’t know, maybe 15,000 or 25,000 coins on the Gambling Chests I got a P/P breed Bonkers so I’m happy.

Now I can save up coins for something else like one of those masks that I’m not sure have a purpose yet.

I mostly run back and forth between the Spirit Cave and village because that’s were the Jadefire/Skunky spirits spawn respectively.

The Ruby Droplet though drops from Garnia who spawns in Ruby Lake and you have to take the Albatross “taxi” up there.  No grave yard either, so if you die you land back on the ground and have to catch another taxi back up for the long, slow ride back to the lake.


I can’t solo the thing, so I parked my Priest up there and check about every 30 minutes while running my Death Noob around.

I caught about 6 spawns last night.  No pet, but I did meet some very nice people also desperate to get this pet.

Showing off our prized pets, comparing battle strategies, raging at the low drop rates, wearing our “Crazy Cat Lady/Man” titles with pride usually reserved for a world first raid.

The only bad part is if Garnia spawns and no one comes to help kill it.

So if you are a “Crazy Cat Lady/Man” and happen to be flying by Ruby Lake, drop in for some pet chat, help kill a rare and who knows?  Maybe that damn pet will drop…

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