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Because it looks like we got it.

All those raging posts about excessive dailies, all those posts about how much better “Vanilla” Warcraft was…well, welcome to the past on Timeless Isle.

Grind for coins, grind for gear, grind for rep…the operative word being “Grind.”  Maybe one or two dailies floating around but other than that?  Grind, grind, grind.

I think they also reduced the drop rate on the gear stuff because I suppose it wasn’t “grindy” enough.  Luckily I just about have a full dps set for my ex-tank, and my baby Warrior should have a decent set by the time he hits 90.

Oh, and they also “patched” the ability for other players to kill your Albatross while you’re on it.  I mean really, they didn’t see that coming?

I grouped up with some guildies for a while for a rep grind fest because there is no way you can kill the only mobs that give rep by yourself – unless you’re in current raid gear or something.

I can’t even get into a Flex raid because I’m just squeaking by at 500 ilvl and everyone wants 522+.

I might as well leave that guild because they won’t let me tank (they fired me, remember?), they won’t let me in a Flex raid cause my ilvl isn’t high enough so I really don’t have anything to do there.  Plus I’m still “Rookie” level after a few months so I haven’t even got access to anything.

Not that I need anything, but it’s the thought that counts.

So…all I do on the Timeless Isle is hang around the bird area because those are the only mobs I can kill without dying a hundred times and wait for rares to show up that drop pets I would like to get.

Not much luck in the pet department but I did manage to snag a Death Adder Hatchling.

Death Adder Hatchling

Death Adder Hatchling

I’ve just been blowing all my coins on the Gambling Chests hoping to get the Bonkers pet.  I probably blew about 20,000 coins on that by now.  I stopped counting.

I also blew 500 coins on a Perky Pug costume just because I had to try it once.

Perky Pug Pirate Costume

Perky Pug Pirate Costume

Yeah, it’s just a coin-sink (a.k.a. rip-off) because the costume isn’t permanent.

You can also just see some of this stuff easily put on an in-game cash shop.  Permanent pet costume? Only $29.99!

Keys for the Gambling Chests?  Only $50.00 for 10 keys!

I don’t know…maybe this “backwards” development to grindfests is one way of setting up crippling mechanisms to lead one to a cash shop.

I’m betting the next expansion will have that in full swing.  It won’t even matter what the expansion is about – just keep your credit card handy.

Every time I’m on the Timeless Isle I can’t help but feel I’m being set up…

How Not to Play a Warrior

Once I run out of Gambling coins and get sick of the grindfest, I go back to leveling up my little Warrior.  He’s almost level 88 now.

About level 86 I decided to try Arms spec because killing stuff in tank spec was getting a little slow.

Set up my keybinds, got him some nice quest reward gear, read up on Arms at Icy-Veins – I was ready to go!

I was doing okay, then I noticed I needed some glyphs so I had my Scribe make a few for Arms and Protection and got those set up.

I went back to Arms and noticed that the poor guy didn’t have enough Rage to do anything.  One or two abilities and bam! No rage.  I never had enough Rage to do an Execute when it popped.

So… back to Icy-Veins to see if I had all the abilities correct.  Maybe I was missing some Rage-generating ability?

Then I read those fateful words…”Always be in Battle Stance.”


I had been going through more than a few levels without a stance…at all.

It’s amazing how much Rage I had when I picked Battle Stance.  Stuff is dying fast and I’m rocking through Pandaria again.

Made it to the Shrine and with a little luck, I’ll hit level 90 before going through the dreaded Dread Wastes.

I even got to use once of those BoA Treasure weapons I found a long time ago, so he’s rocking the two-hand sword “Swarming Cleaver of Ka’roz” – a nice blue 450 sword that should be fine for a while.

Fancy BoA Sword

Fancy BoA Sword

Yeah, love this little guy.

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