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So…I’m almost burned out on Timeless Isle and it’s only been 4 days.

I’d like to get some of the new pets but apparently most drop from rares so it’s a crap shoot on not only if you get a drop, but get to a rare in time before everyone kills it.

Then there’s grinding those horrible mobs for rep – need a group for those because they can one-shot you – heck, even the frogs killed me a few times with their nature damage.

Yes, a frog.

I got enough coins to buy the Lantern pet and I had enough to buy a costume for my Perky Pug except I couldn’t find the vendor.

I guess the vendor is a rare spawn that only shows up once in a while?  Really?  For a pet costume?  Apparently outfitting your Perky Pug in the Princess outfit breaks PvP or something…

With no vendor in sight, I killed more stuff then blew all my coins on the gambling chests – and got nothing but more coins.

After racking up a 200+ gold repair bill, I went back to leveling my Warrior.  He hit level 85 and made it to Pandaria.

He’s not doing too badly.  Stuff dies but it’s slow.  I might switch to Arms and see if that goes a little faster.

I’m still going to spend time at the Timeless Isle.  By the time my little Warrior hits level 90 he should have a full set of Timeless Isle gear waiting for him.

This will work for my DK as well.  I need to run ToES for the Legendary quest and don’t want to try it again as tank (think my tanking days are over before they started) and I don’t have any dps gear, so Timeless Isle should fill that hole so I can run it as dps.

I did get one fun drop – Rime of the Time-Lost Mariner – that turns you into a PINK skeleton for 15 minutes.

Totally worth it.

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Companion Pet – Dancing Fox Kit

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