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It’s Official.

I am The Crazy Cat Lady.

I didn’t know about this title, and it didn’t pop when I logged in but there it was in my titles list and I had the Achievement.

This is now the “Most prestigious title” in World of Warcraft.

Took my Priest for run around Timeless Isle and she died…a lot.  I have to admit it was fun running around on a giant “treasure hunt” and I picked up a lot of BoA gear pieces that should get my alts ilvl up a little – particularly my Hunter (she got 3 mail pieces) and my Rogue (2 leather pieces.)

After I did most of the quests and got tired of dying (and repair costs) I took my DK and she did a lot better, picked up some plate pieces and had the Crystal of Insanity drop.

I found a Rare breed 8 new moth pet AND I looted the Azure Crane Chick from a nest.

Azure Crane Chick

Azure Crane Chick

Still haven’t found the quest to start the Noodle cart but I’ll keep looking since my Priest and DK meet the requirements.

Haven’t tried the Celestial pet battles yet but I did beat that kid (LoL Tranquil Mechanical Yeti with Call Lightning + Ion Cannon.)

I also blew 1000 coins on a couple of keys for the “gambling” chests – didn’t get anything but more coins that didn’t cover my initial investment.

There is another type of battle pet moth flying around I could see on my minimap but couldn’t get to it as it seems to be at the top of some cliffs.

I also found the Horde town – guards don’t have a sense of humor.

Overall it was fun finding treasures, getting some gear and of course I *love* the new battle pets!

My Priest might go long enough to get the Noodle cart going but I think my DK is the one who will be spending the most time there – yeah, plate gear…

I did try the Proving Grounds with my Priest and got Bronze with no problems.

Proving Grounds - Bronze

Proving Grounds – Bronze

I did a couple of attempts for Silver and almost made it the second time until I ran OOM.

Yeah, I know I’m a terrible Priest but with a little mana management I should get the Silver even though I don’t have an interrupt.

Love the text that flashes “Interrupt X!!” and you don’t have one.

Next I’m going to try my DK with the tanking version…that should be interesting…

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