At least I suppose I am…

Been to lazy to get much “important” stuff done as I’ve been having fun leveling my little Warrior.

Got him all the way up to level 82 and he’s ready to start Uldum tonight.

Still rocking heirlooms (upgraded to level 85) and still LoLShieldSlamming his way through content.

I did notice in Deepholm (for the 5 minutes I quested there before leveling out of it) that I had to use a couple more abilities to go with LoLShieldSlam.

Guess it’s time to hit a few Warrior sites to see how it’s supposed to be done.

He’s my little “good luck” charm too – the last DMF pet battle he did for the experience dropped me the Darkmoon Eye pet.

Now if only I could get him up to 300 level fishing so he can use the Jeweled Fishing Pole that dropped out of his very first fishing daily bag…