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A long time ago I made a male Rogue just to be a bank alt, but when I discovered how much fun rogues were to play I changed his name and made him a female.

I sort of missed my only male character, so since I’ve been bored to tears lately I decided to create a new male character with his old name.

Only problem…what class?

I have enough Rogues/Priests doing nothing and I certainly don’t need another DK (I’ve got what – about 10 now?)

I know!  A tank class I have tried yet (hope springs eternal.)

I kicked around between a Paladin and Warrior for a while, and eventually decided on a Warrior.  I have a Paladin about level 23 doing nothing so I can always level her up next.  I tried a Warrior many, many years ago, got to about level 10 then deleted her because I didn’t “get” melee at the time.

Anyway, he just looks like a Warrior even though the Warrior forums have been busy lately lamenting the downfall of the Warrior class in 5.4 going live next week.

So I “resurrected” my old male character as a Warrior, decked him out in full (upgraded) heirlooms and sent him out questing in Tank spec to see what he could do.

Bring it on, Murlocs!

Bring it on, Murlocs!

He’s flipping awesome as most if not all classes are until about level 85.


Sure you get other abilities leveling up because you need something to do for 6 seconds until LoLShieldSlam is ready again.

DMF Experience Boosts

DMF Experience Boosts

Yeah, he looks a little silly running around Azeroth with a DMF Top Hat but it’s extra experience.

I wasn’t exactly rushing through levels – in fact, I stayed around and quested in zones I usually skipped out of as soon as I could get to the next one.

There are actually some pretty good quest stories in Western and Eastern Plaguelands I haven’t done since I went through with my Hunter back in 2009.

They’ve been nerfed into the ground which is a little sad in a way.  I remember some of them being so difficult that my poor Hunter died many, many times trying to get them done, and some she never did finish.

But with the quest nerfs, full heirlooms and LoLShieldSlam I got to finish them all and see the “ending” to some of the quest stories I’ve never seen before.

I was also keeping an eye out for quest rewards that could be used for transmog later on, and found a few really good ones I would have missed if I had skipped the quests.

My new “buddy” Highlord Tirion Fordring gave me a smoking hot Argent Crusade-looking shield for killing one of his guys that went bad – and I’m not even a Paladin!

Thanks for shield!

Thanks for shield!

I got real excited when I picked up a quest reward mace that looked like a frying pan – green quality with stats.

I had visions of tanking bosses with my transmogged Epic Frying Pan, but alas!

Blizzard won’t let you transmog this mace – come on, Blizzard! Frying Pans have a long history of being used as weapons – it’s not silly at all!

Marching up Levels

Marching up Levels

Oh well.

I made it to Level 60 and it’s noteworthy that I’ve only had three deaths.

Hitting the Outland Leveling Wall

Hitting the Outland Leveling Wall

One was in a battleground I did around level 12, the second was because I stupidly ran into a Horde town and got one-shot, and the third was getting knocked off the cliff in Winterspring by the ice giants.

I mean seriously, round up 10+ mobs, Charge + LoLShieldSlam + Revenge + Execute = Loot.  Sometimes I’ll throw in a Victory Punch if any mobs actually take my health down a notch.

I can’t even try a “proper” priority yet because stuff dies so fast.

Picked up my flying but Level 60 is where I usually hit the Outland leveling wall.  I’ll have to try the Archaeology/Pet Leveling trick to see how much of Outland I can skip.

Unless there are some good quest rewards out there suitable for a Warrior transmog…

This would be an Epic Tanking Weapon

This would be an Epic Tanking Weapon

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