Trying (and failing) to solo Lady Vashj for the flipping pet.

It’s such a miserable long run from the graveyard I decided it was more efficient to take the rez sickness hit than re-visit the site of my humiliating defeat(s).

So I’ve got a Hunter, DK, Rogue, Priest and Priest (you think I would have figured out from the first Priest the second one with the exact same spec wouldn’t win either but hey, I’m slow) all sporting rez sickness timers for the whole world to see.

I keep checking the AH every hour or so when I’m on just in case another Coilfang Stalker shows up but I haven’t seen one.

Still kicking myself for not spending the gold to buy the one I saw a long time ago.

/bangs head on keyboard

Oh well.

Probably never would have dropped anyway…