Ok, a little diversion….

My vet is having a Pet Summer Photo Contest, and I entered my precious cat Loki.

He was picked up off the streets in winter when he was about 4 months old in 2009 and taken to the shelter.  I adopted him shorty after, and he was a very sick little kitten.

Loki at 4 months old 2009

Loki day of adoption at 4 months old 2009

After a few trips to the vet (who was surprised he survived) and a lot of meds it looked good for his recovery.

But he refused to eat, so the vet gave me some special food that could be mixed with water and I hand-fed him with a syringe three or four times a day.

It was two weeks before he started eating on his own and with a lot of vet care, a lot of meds, a lot of food and a lot of love he grew up to be a beautiful cat.

Here’s my contest submission picture of my Loki today:

Loki Today

Loki Today

If you have a Facebook page and think my precious cat is beautiful, you can “Like” his picture at Victoria Pet Clinic.

I think the prize is a cat toy or something – I don’t really care about the prizes, I just think my little “survivor” is the best and an example of the excellent care he received from the clinic!

Don’t worry – a Proper World of Warcraft Rant Blog Post is in the works!