Raider Buddy:  We could use a tank in our alt runs – why don’t you talk to this officer in our guild?

Me:  Ok

Me:  My Raider Buddy said you might need a tank for your alt raid

Officer:  We do progression raids on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Me:  I’m still learning so I don’t think you want me for progression.  Could you use a tank for your alt raid?

Officer:  We switch people around in the alt raid so everyone has a chance at gear.

Me:  That would be fine since I’m still learning to tank.

Officer:  Have you done any LFR yet?

Me:  I’ve tanked a few LFR but I’ve done all of LFR and some normal raids on my spriest.

Officer:  Welcome to the guild

Not two minutes later I get a whisper from a guild member.

Guild Guy:  Do you have a tanking spec?  We’re thinking about a second raid group for ToT.

Me:  Yes, I’m Blood spec with a full set of tanking gear but I’m still learning to tank.

Guild Guy:  What’s your ilvl?

Me:  ilvl489

Guild Guy: Well that’s a little low for Tot.  Are you the tank that did one taunt in the FL raid?

Me:  Yes

Guild Guy: /facepalm

Stay tuned for more Tanking Adventures…same Tank-time, same Tank-channel!

And now a word from our Sponsor.

I thought I had finished up the Cloud Serpent rep for my Horde priest, but I was wrong.  So I spent some time running around gathering up Onyx Eggs, and finally got her to Exalted.

Horde Priest can ride a Cloud Serpent

Horde Priest can ride a Cloud Serpent

I also realized I hadn’t got the Hordebreaker title for my Rogue yet.

Of course my Rogue needs that title – SI7 and all that stuff.  I just had to finish up gathering the 150 supplies of everything so off I went to the Barrens after paying 10g for the portal.

It really irks me to no end that Alliance have to pay 10g for a portal ride to the Barrens so we can collect supplies for the Enemy.

So after I collected all my supplies and turned them in I asked Vol’jin:

“Hey Vol’jin – are you going to reimburse me the 70g transportation fees I had to pay to get here, do your quests and collect supplies for you?”

Vol’jin jabs his spear into the ground saying nothing.

“Do you have a deal with King Varian to pay my expenses?  Who gets my receipts?”

Vol’jin jabs his spear into the ground saying nothing.

Maybe the title should be “Alliance Sucker” instead of “Hordebreaker” but at least it looks cool on my Rogue.

Hordebreaker Rogue

Hordebreaker Rogue

Yeah, this must be the “fist pumping Alliance moment” the devs promised us…