Okay, I’ve been doing a lot of pet battles lately.

Finally got 75 pets to level 25 for the Achievement the other day.

Pro Pet Mob

Pro Pet Mob

This comes with a Singing Cricket pet as a reward, although the cricket doesn’t sing. It just kind of squeaks.

Singing Cricket that doesn't sing

Singing Cricket that doesn’t sing

I don’t know. Maybe I was expecting too much like it singing a little jingle Singing Sunflower style.

I’ve been watching the AH like a hawk waiting for good deals on pets and finally snagged TCG Gregarious Grell at a reasonable price.

Still haven’t seen the Coilfang pet from Lady V on the AH, and I still can’t solo her to try and get it myself.

I might never get that Achievement.

The raid pets are still way over-priced for me (I’m looking at you, Ji-Kun Hatchling!) so I might have to step up my LFR runs no matter how painful they are to do.

Meanwhile, back at the raid…

Dead Again

Dead Again

So…Pet Battles.


Remember the “good old days” when you could put together a variety of teams and just go out and have fun?

Now it’s all based on percentage hits that miss more than they hit and our old friend RNG.

Toss in the “Legendary” pets that now take reduced damage, heal themselves almost back to full in one turn and can one- or two- shot your “blue” team and all you have left is an exercise in frustration.

Instead of playing around with team synergy or trying out new comps, now you have to research each Legendary pet like a raid boss and follow the “formula” if you want to have any hope of defeating them.

At least with raid bosses you still have to bring some skills and teamwork to win.

Pet battles just require you to pick abilities, push a button and pray to the Pet Battle gods that RNG is in your favor and you won’t miss that last shot.

It has all the thought and skills required of playing a slot machine.

Sure, you can delude yourself into thinking that if you do a soft-shoe shuffle or spin around three times before dropping your chip in the slot you might improve your “luck.”

But we know it doesn’t, and we also know the odds are always in favor of the house.

I haven’t looked at the PTR for the new pet battle island or whatever it is, just the forum discussions.

And I’m not very excited about it.

So far it sounds as if it’s just more RNG taken up to a new level where we not only have to deal with “raid boss”-style pet battles, but with a bit of Brawler’s Guild thrown in just for giggles.

New currency and pets?

Probably have to do convoluted scenarios Warlock Green Fire style.

Not to mention the constant tuning for PvP pet battles.  We all know how well PvP balance has worked out so far.

What was advertised as a “mini-game” and was actually a fun diversion at the beginning is on it’s way to becoming a frustrating monster all in the name of “difficulty.”

I got a news flash for you Blizzard – convoluted mechanics isn’t “difficult.”  RNG isn’t “difficult.”  All it takes is a casino chip to toss in the machine and push a button to see if you win.

You want to make it difficult?

Let us actually have an excuse to learn and use the abilities of 600+ pets most of us pet battlers have collected.

How about basing a win on skill and having more than one way to win a battle?

The way it’s going now, you don’t even need pets.  Might as well just log in, have a “Pet Battle” button to push, and let RNG tell you if you’ve won or lost.

Or just go to a casino and play a slot machine.