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…I went to the Brawler’s Guild and got one of the toughest achievements.

Brawler's Guild

Brawler’s Guild

Sure, you just have to /cheer someone brawling, but it has to be timed perfectly right to /cheer them *after* they win a match.  Same level of difficulty as “Shave and a Haircut.”

…I completely forgot the Raiding with Leashes II achievement rewards Tito.

Tito is just an average-looking Worg of the brown variety but he’s wearing a Pink Bow Tie, so I had to level him to 25.



Tito will summon a tornado (according to wowhead) but I haven’t seen it yet – I hope it’s true because I love the little extra things some pets can do like the Unborn Val’kyr.

…I reviewed Battle Pet methodology and developed a protocol to level 3 pets to 25 in one pet tamers daily round.

I now have 110 pets at level 25.

…I ran Karazhan enough times for the mount that my priest is Exalted with the Violet Eye.

Violet Eye

Violet Eye

…I battled almost every pet in the Jade Forest to find a rare S/S Grove Viper I’ll never use.

I also forgot to pick up a Coral Adder while I was there because for some strange reason I never got one.

Yeah, I know I should finish up the next legendary quest thing but that would involve taking my tank into ToES to loot the quest item, and we all know how my tanking goes these days.

Unfortunately, she’s the only character ahead of the curve on the Legendary quest – all my other characters don’t even have all the sigils yet.

I also had an idea to get her some Kor’kron gear for transmog – I got a couple of pieces – but I might be out of time by now.

I hope the 5.4 patch has some interesting things to do that aren’t just flat out annoying (I’m looking at you Isle of Thunder dailies and Beasts of Fable RNG-Miss fest!)

Is it just me or is there so much RNG attached to *everything* these days that I feel like I’m playing a slot machine instead of an MMORPG?

August 2013

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