Nope, I can’t do it.

Not even on my Death Noob.


I managed to loot ONE elemental and do the pillar thing.   I killed a second elemental and never got to loot it because the Fear-Fear-Fear thing ran me right into the water where I was eaten by a fish.

A fish.

Guess I’ll have to turn in my DK membership card.

Total fight time?  Over 17 minutes.

I’m never going to get that stupid pet and the achievement.  I saw one at the AH a while ago and didn’t buy it.  I’m kicking myself now because I haven’t seen one since.

On the bright side, I did “clean up” at the DMF with drops this time.  I got the Darkmoon Faire Cloak (suitable for transmog), the Darkmoon Faire Cub and Darkmoon Faire Turtle pets.

This was a genius move on Blizzard’s part – prize boxes.  I had to drag all my alts to the DMF and squee-ed over prize boxes.

I also got a whole bunch of the Brawler Club quests and a hefty stack of Darkmoon Faire hats.  One good thing is that you can send the prize boxes in the mail to alts.

I sent all the hats to my baby Panda Monk, sent the tickets around and got enough to upgrade all her heirloom gear to 85.

I’m not happy about the high cost of upgrading heirloom gear but once you get all DMF stuff you want tickets wrack up pretty quickly so I’m only going to use the DMF to slowly upgrade my heirloom collection.

Oh, and I found out the hard way that the DMF hat and the carousel ride to increase experience don’t stack and you can have one or the other.

Yup, wasted a ticket to find that one out.

And no, I didn’t get the Darkmoon Eye pet.