With 5.4 just around the corner, I thought I better get off my behind and do a few things before the 5.3 stuff goes away forever.

A couple of my Alli characters have the “HordeHelper”…errr…”Hordebreaker” title but I thought my “best” Horde priest should get the “Darkspear Revolutionary” title as well.

I had already done the quests/scenarios so all I had left to do was the gather 150 of each supply.

On a PvP server.


But I can be pretty crafty when it comes to avoiding PvP, so I waited until the Tuesday reset when everyone would be busy with raids.

My plan worked.  No one was around except a couple of stray Alli by the stone camp.

The only flaw in my plan was that it takes flipping forever to get 150 of anything killing one mob at a time, and with no one around I couldn’t take on the commanders by myself.

All I had left were the overturned caravans.

Sure enough, I found two supply caravans with no one around and managed to gather up almost 300 stone.

Unfortunately the only caravans I found were stone – nothing else showed up while I was there.

So…maybe next Tuesday.  I’ll check a few times before then as I’m betting on most people will have done it already and moved on to something else so maybe I’ll get lucky.

There are also rumors that the pet will disappear – as with the title – once 5.4 hits and the story line progresses.

I had a spare mojo on another character so I picked up a second pet, and once my Horde priest finds all the supplies she can buy a third pet.

Order of the Cloud Serpent

I noticed she also didn’t have Cloud Serpent riding so I got her started on the quests, spent a little time finding eggs and with the bonus rep got her to Exalted in one day.

Order of the Cloud Serpent

Order of the Cloud Serpent

I see that now you can sell the free mount you get for gold since you can only have one of each type in your mount book. Beats the heck out of just deleting it.

The Longest Day

I haven’t been doing much in the pet battle department lately as the RNG makes me want to throw my computer out the window.

Of course I’ve been doing the DMF tamer (where is my Darkmoon Eye???!!!!) and I’ll do a couple of the easy ones to level pets or for a bag of Expired Pet Food.

Last night, on a whim I decided to try for The Longest Day achievement.

I put together a “plan” of action dusting off my poor neglected Mage to take on most of the out-of-the-way battles because of her portals.

I did all the Outland/Cata tamers without turning in the quests.  Then I hopped on my DK and did all the Beasts of Fable/Pandaren Spirits/Pandaren Tamers – again, not turning in the quests.

Next, I switched to my Priest to do the Northrend tamers because she has the Engineering portal and the AT Tabard.

I finished up with my Mage jumping around EK to pick up all the tamers, then portaled back to Outland and started turning in quests.

The last quests I turned in were the Beasts of Fable and I got the achievement.

The Longest Day

The Longest Day

I didn’t get the reward stone but I wasn’t expecting it because of the all the “bug” reports, so I put in a ticket and hope it shows up soon.

You know what really get me though?  I did every flipping battle (some were brutal with the RNG crap), got a whole bunch of Pet Supply bags, and not one stone or pet in any of them.

On the bright side, I have a very nice growing collection of Hair Balls…