That’s right – you heard me (do you get it? pwn? paw? yeah…ok.)

Looking for 2 pet-obsessed crazy people who have $20.00 to throw away on well…virtual nothing I guess – but the Arena Pet.

Not sure what the restrictions are – we all have to be on the same server type and in the same battlegroup?

So for me that would be US server and battlegroups where ever my 90s are living.

Horde or Alliance?  Don’t know if this matters, but I have 90s on both but only Priests on Horde.

Here’s what I got:

(A) Priest – Shadow
(A) DK – Blood
(A) Rogue – Assassination
(A) Mage – Frost
(A) Hunter – Beast Master

(H) Priest – Shadow
(H) Priest – Shadow

Be assured that I play ALL classes very badly, which guarantees that I can lose 50 Arena Battles faster than you can say ummm….”lose 50 Arena Battles.”

Looking for teammates with the following qualifications:

Able to play evenings and weekends.

Won’t cry/rage quit when we lose 50 matches.

NOT after the Gladiator title.

Access to Vent so we can sound the Battle Cry “For Murkimus” before losing a battle.

So if you think you’ll skilled enough, tough enough and crazy enough to lose 50 battles for a pet, let’s get it done.