Dead Again

Dead Again

And…if that wasn’t bad enough

One-shot by spider

One-shot by spider

But I finally made it through the door and

One-shot by worm

One-shot by worm

There’s got to be an Achievement for that somewhere…

But I got some nice upgrades – gloves and shoulders.  I went to get gems/enchants but balked at the gloves enchant I needed – 500g at 999% above normal cost.

I was debating with myself about whether or not I really need the enchant now or if I should wait until the price drops.  I had to reforge because my hit was way over cap, and no point reforging until all your gear is fixed up.

So while I was agonizing over whether or not to spend the 500g (my Priest is always broke since she doesn’t do much to make gold – PvP server so…) it suddenly hit me.

My Priest had maxed out Enchanting.

Yup, I could make my own flipping gloves enchant.  I didn’t have the mats (see above) so I borrowed 4 Spirit Dust from the Guild Bank, deposited some gold for it and made my own enchant.


I upgraded my shiny new shoulders and gloves as much as I could with the few VPs I had, so that kicked her ilvl up to 501.  She is now officially my most-geared toon.

Hunter Adventures

My Hunter is my “oldest” toon.  She isn’t my original Hunter – that one got to level 25 before I deleted her and made this Hunter.

This was back in the good old days before server transfers, and since I never played an MMO before I didn’t quite get the concept of servers.

So…when my husband and I started playing WoW, we made toons on different servers.  We decided to meet up in SW to quest together and of course couldn’t see each other.

Yes, we put in a ticket about it.

I’m betting the GM had a pretty good laugh about that one.

When we finally figured out we needed to play on the same server, I rolled another Hunter and again, not knowing anything, deleted my original Hunter.

I would give anything to get that Hunter back.

But at least I got my Hunter up to level 90 and enjoy playing her again even if I get totally distracted chasing rare combat pets instead of doing anything useful.

I’ve leveled up her Engineering and since I already have a maxed Enchanter, I’m still debating on what second profession to give her.

In the meantime, I’ve been leveling up her cooking and fishing.  I was fishing in Dread Wastes for the fish of the day, when I caught the Tiny White Carp.

Tiny White Carp

Tiny White Carp

I have yet to see any of the other carp pets, but I’ve been doing the fish of the day to catch massive amounts of fish and turn them in for Ironpaw Tokens.

I have the BoA Apron and Frying Pan, so I just need the Rolling Pin to complete the set.  It isn’t much of a cooking bonus (+10) but it’s better than nothing.

Anyway, who doesn’t want to whack people with a Frying Pan and Rolling Pin?  Transmog, please!