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Lately I’ve been finding plenty of fun stuff to do right around the temple.

Fishing, monsters to kill, pet battles and pet battle dailies.

Well, I’ve been doing most of the pet battle dailies.

I’ll do them if I don’t have to travel too far from the temple.

The only exception would be the Dreaded Beasts of Fable dailies, and I can usually get a “direct flight” close to them.

I’ve also been leveling up a few pets with “wild” battles against the aquatic/flying creatures right around the temple.

Yeah, I’m that lazy.

But I’ve been raking in the Battle-Stones.  I even got a Mech stone and two – count them TWO – Humanoid stones from pet supply bags.

I have never seen a Mech or Humanoid stone since pet battles went live.

I even got a couple of Flying/Aquatic stones from wild pet battles.  I had heard rumors about getting them from wild battles, but never seen one.

I stopped battling pets long enough to fish up some Jewel Danios in the pond between the temples as it was the Fish of the Day, and fished me up a Tiny Blue Carp.

Tiny Blue Carp

Tiny Blue Carp

I fished up the Krakkanon a couple of times and soloed it but all it dropped was more fish.

I found Yorik Sharpeye around there a couple of times and he dropped “Mr. Smite’s Brass Compass.”

For some reason I find a Shadow Priest Cow hilarious.

Shadow Priest Tauren

Shadow Priest Tauren

Sometimes I don’t even feel like going to check on my crops because well…it’s summer and I don’t want to “work” pulling weeds, killing vermin and flipping vines.

I’ll go once in a while because I can get a direct flight there and my priest is still doing her Imperial Silk thing to make another Royal Satchel.

I’ve been turning in my “temple” fish for extra Ironpaw Tokens and finally got enough to get the complete “cooking” set for my Hunter.

BoA Cooking Set

BoA Cooking Set

Yeah, I got to start thinking about gear and LFR and deciding which pets to upgrade with my stones and figuring out “best breeds” and doing more rep dailies blah blah blah.

But it’s a beautiful, lazy summer and I don’t even have to leave the temple to find some fun.

July 2013

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