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It was “officially” summer June 21 in Azeroth leaving us pet/achievement hunters a very small window to catch the Qiraji Guardling, the very last pet we need for the World Safari achievement and Zookeeper title.

I parked an obligatory alt or two across various servers in anticipation of highly camped CRZ-fests on the 21st, and I was not disappointed.

I’m not sure when they started to spawn, but when I checked in after work there were several campers at each spawn point and a few dozen people flying around.

I hung around for an hour or two then decided it wasn’t going to happen for me.  Plus my internet connection was acting up again (supposedly fixed) and I would disconnect/reconnect every couple of minutes.

Not what you want happening when/if you finally get a rare pet in battle…

I checked Saturday morning on my PvP server, level 85 under-geared Horde alt, and nothing except a few Alliance camping spots and flying around – all level 90s.  Hooray.

Rumors are the pets are on a 6-hour spawn timer and they do appear to share spawns with critters.

So while I was hovering around a couple of know spawn points, I saw level 1 non-combat pet critters and decided to kill them just in case the rumors were true and anyway I was bored silly.

I would quickly kill the critters and mount back up always keeping a wary eye on the level 90 Alliance who were a little too close for comfort.

After about an hour of this, I saw a little green paw appear in a spot I had been killing a critter – a Qiraji Guardling.

I quickly engaged it in battle and had a few of the worst moments in my PvP server life – would any of those level 90 Alliance see me, kill me, take the pet or worse yet – kill it?

Or would my internet connection decide to crap out on me?  I couldn’t get a tech guy booked until Wednesday…

I captured the Qiraji Guardling on the first trap toss but I still had two other pets to kill.  I was actually feeling physically stressed worrying about getting killed or my internet disconnecting and losing the pet – that’s how tense it felt.

Yup, I was stressed out over pixels.  Good thing I had made a huge pot of coffee.

Epic Pet Battle

Epic Pet Battle

But the Pet Gods smiled upon me, and I successfully captured the Qiraji Guardling.  I’m not even sure whether or not the Alliance simply didn’t notice I was in battle or decided not to attack.

World Safari

World Safari

I should also note that I didn’t see any other spawns or green paws – just the one where I had killed a critter.

But I didn’t hang around to find out – I logged into my PvE character to see what I got.

I had captured a P/P pet.  I didn’t think that was a particularly good breed but what the heck.  I didn’t even have a Humanoid stone to upgrade it.  In fact, I’ve never seen a Humanoid or Mech stone since they were available in MoP.

So…I blew 5000 gold at the Auction House buying a generic stone to upgrade my pet to Rare (that was the cheapest one) and leveled it up to 25.

Qiraji Guardling

Qiraji Guardling

I’m quite happy I got one and finished off the achievements – now I can actually spend my WoW summer time doing something fun rather than camping for hours…like maybe some dailies?

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