Sounds good on paper.

To fill this void, we’re in the process of developing a new Flexible Raid system, which includes a new difficulty that sits between Raid Finder and Normal difficulty, while still allowing friends, family, or pick-up groups to play together. This difficulty will be available for premade groups of 10–25 players, including any number in between.

A Raid for All Seasons: Flexible Raid Preview

So…this is a fix for declining 25 player raids?  You still need a minimum of 10 players but since it’s an “in-between” LFR-Normal raid and if you have 10 players already…

Not sure I get it or maybe I’m missing something other than no ilvl restriction.

I thought 25-man raids were going the way of the dinosaur anyway.  It’s the 10-man raids that are clinging on to life threatening to collapse if one guy needs raid night off.

I don’t know – maybe this will actually save raiding and guilds – only time will tell.

Since I’m pretty much the only person logged on in the guild these days, it probably won’t help us much.