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My other toons were feeling neglected since I’ve been spending time leveling up my Hunter and camping for rare pets.

So…I took my DK for a quick run through Serpentshrine Cavern (no pets) and her weekly run through Onyxia’s Lair.

I didn’t bother trying the last boss in SSC since I’ve been reading it’s hard to solo, but the rest was okay even if stuff seemed to be dying a little slow.

But at Onyxia’s Lair…OMG.  It was taking flipping *forever* until I had an epiphany and sure enough – I was wearing my Safari Hat.

Of course you can’t swap gear in combat, and I was always in combat so I had to slug through it.  Even with my Safari Hat it seemed to be taking a very long time.

I got to use Army of the Dead twice and the first time was about halfway through so I’m guessing I was in there about 40 minutes.

Finally the stupid dragon went down and an Achievement popped up – the longest Onyxia Kill?

No…it was Onyxia’s Lair 25-player.

Yup, I soloed 25-man Onyxia…in my Safari Hat.

Safari Hat FTW!

Safari Hat FTW!

And no, I didn’t get the mount.


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