I had my Hunter leveled up to 86, got her old Wrath gear upgraded with Pandaria quest rewards and a few Adventurer’s pieces and tamed myself a beautiful Spirit Beast pet so I was ready to tackle Moroes in Karazhan again.

I had forgotten about all the new Hunter toys like Camouflage, so this time I sneaked past the first bunch of mobs – haha!  I love this ability.

I had my Spirit Beast healing macro, Deterrence ready as a keybind (yeah, forgot about it),  traps ready to go, Murder of Crows, Dire Beast – heck I was READY.

I cleared out the mobs with no problems and then I smoked Moroes and his band of nasty adds.  Heck, I didn’t even have to use my new macro.

Camouflage again to sneak past the mobs on my way to the Opera Event but one of them spotted me (is Camouflage on a timer or did I get too close?) but I took on the entire room and won.

Now the big moment – would it be another Romulo and Julianne?  No!  The Big Bad Wolf – and it dropped the pet!

L'il Bad Wolf

L’il Bad Wolf

L’il Bad Wolf is definitely the cutest pet of the bunch and worth the effort.

Seriously – who doesn’t want a pet Worgen?

Next up is Serpentshrine Cavern.  Not sure if everything can be soloed but I’ll read up on it and take my DK in first to see how it goes.

I’ve also got to get my Hunter Chromaggus for a pet.  It’s the best looking corehound in the game and after seeing other hunters tame it…well, I gotta get one for my Hunter!

Apparently there is a rare spawn running around BRD that has the same skin, so hopefully I’ll get one or the other.

Did a quick run around Northrend for more Spirit Beasts but didn’t see anything except lots of campers.  I looked for the Ankha and Magria in Hyjal and discovered I couldn’t see the spawns because I was phased out.

I had to complete enough of the quest chain to open the Firelands dailies so I finished those up and now I can check for those spawns once in a while.  These ones have to be tamed “naked” so that should be fun…if I ever see them.

I’ve also got to start the long, dreaded hunt for the Unborn Val’kyr and get ready for the nightmare of looking for the Qiraji Guardling battle pets.

And I’m still looking for tanking jobs so it’s going to be a busy summer.