But first, /rant of the week

Is it just me or does Patch 5.3 have the most annoying sound effects that makes one wonder if someone has hidden an old console game somewhere.

Pull a weed, find a quest item, etc. and suddenly we get beeps, chimes, dings like something from Pac-Man.

No option to turn it off except turning off ALL the sound.   Sorry Blizzard, I don’t get it – you spend a ton of money on some of the best music in the gaming industry, then annoy the crap out of people with Console Game sound effects and give no option except to shut off all your sound.

I suppose we should have seen it coming with the jumping puzzles.  Sometimes I don’t know what they’re smoking over there that would make more than a few people think console game crap in a fantasy MMO was a great idea.


More pets, please!

My DK was the first to get the Hordebreaker title, and more importantly get the Gahz’rooki pet.



I’m sure everyone recognizes this pet as the boss in BFD.  I love the idea of bosses as mini-pets – more please!

I spent a significant chunk of the weekend running Karazhan on every character I had above level 80 to get the new raid pets.  I haven’t been in there much so the first few times were mostly running around trying to find the bosses that dropped the pets.

I especially wanted the L’il Bad Wolf pet, so of course I never got that one.

At first I just ran it on every character up to the chess event but I only got the Big Bad Wolf Opera event once (no pet), and the Wizard of Oz once.  The rest of the time it was Romulo and Julianne…over and over.

I’m ashamed to admit my level 90 Mage died to that a few times because she couldn’t kill them fast enough.

Eventually I got Menagerie Custodian and Fiendish Imp (yeah, didn’t know about the secret entrance from the bookcase.)

Menagerie Custodian

Menagerie Custodian

Fiendish Imp

Fiendish Imp

I decided to try the chess event to give me a shot at the last pet.  I found a great guide on How to solo Karazhan Chess Event on YouTube and that worked pretty good as I won the second time I tried the strategy.  Fast and easy.

I lucked out and got the Netherspace Abyssal my first time, so I don’t need to do the chess event any more.

Netherspace Abyssal

Netherspace Abyssal

I only had one character left over level 80 for one more shot at the Wolf pet – my poor neglected Hunter.

Bringing My Hunter Back from the Dead

I left her at the start of Cata content in Hyjal a few bars in level 81.  I haven’t played a Hunter since Wrath but I did fix up her talents at some point.

Yeah, I didn’t have a clue.  You know the first boss you have to kill in Karazhan to get to the Opera Event?  She tried and failed more than 10 times.  I stopped counting after #10 but I did keep trying because I’m either very stubborn or very stupid.

I tried everything I could think of – pet tanking talents, misdirect,traps, feign, disengage, etc. but the adds would beat me down.  Once I got really close but died with the boss at 10%.

Ugh.  Time to go to Icy Veins.  I hadn’t really planned on doing much with my Hunter, but failing over and over again at Moroes well…it made me mad.

I had two pets left with her – a spider and my beloved Ghost Saber.  I needed a Spirit Beast because I figured the extra healing might be all I needed to get Moroes.

So off I went in search of a Spirit Beast.  Every spawn point I went in Northrend was heavily camped.  I was checking the third spawn point at Zul’Drak where there it was – Gondria!

Took me only a few seconds to tame it and Gondria was mine!



For some reason this made me very happy. So happy in fact that I decided to ditch Karazhan for a while and level her up so that she could take on Moroes.

I fixed up my keybinds, read up on Hunter abilities and blasted my way through Cata.  Once I hit level 85, off to Pandaria.

I was a little worried because the mobs hit pretty hard and she’s still wearing a lot of Wrath gear (Darkmoon Card Greatness anyone?) so I blew a few gold on the Adventurer’s gear and so far she’s been stomping all over the Jade Forest.

Got her up to level 86 before I had to quit for the weekend.

I had forgotten how much fun it was to play a Hunter.

I’m still at the “huntard” stage but with my beautiful Spirit Beast by my side well, getting her to 90 will be an interesting adventure and give me something to do between tanking jobs.