This is my last DK – I swear!

The Last DK

The Last DK

Why are my boots not showing up?  I’m sure I have some.  And why do I always pick the BE Cranky Face?

I don’t know why I was making DKs on servers where I don’t know anyone (other than the one DK per server restriction.)

I can get rid of most of them because I don’t have anyone to play with on their servers anyway.

So that leaves me with 3 DK characters to play on servers where I actually know a few people.

Much better.

My brilliant plan:

Get all my DKs to about the same level (60-61) and run dungeons with one or two as Frost until I get to know the dungeon, then run the last DK as tank.

The problem I was having was that leveling is so fast in dungeons, by the time I ran a dungeon a couple of times to get familiar with it before queuing as tank, I’d already out-level the dungeon, have new ones open and would have to start over again.

So if I run a couple of DKs at the same time, the Frost DK can run the random dungeons a few times until she hits all of them (so I can figure out where to go), then I can run my Blood DK as tank until she catches up.

I tested out my theory and the only flaw was that although I had 3 random dungeons open on my Frost DK, all I got was Hellfire Ramparts.

First run we had a DK Tank, Hunter, Rogue, Shaman healer and me.  Hunter would run ahead and shoot everything causing a wipe a couple of times.

Tank politely asks the Hunter to stop pulling, and Hunter starts swearing at the tank telling him he’s doing it the way he’s supposed to play and anyway, DKs and Rogues are OP at this level (huh?)

Tank leaves, Hunters pulls a bunch of mobs and leaves, but the rest of us kill the mobs and then everyone but me left.

We didn’t even get to the first boss.

Long story short – it took me a couple of hours to get through 3 dungeons although most groups after the first one were pretty good.

The kicker – we had to wait forever for a healer.

Yeah…maybe I better dust off a healer and give that another try.

Good thing there is a long weekend coming up…