I was on my level 90 Blood DK doing some farming, when a guildie asked if anyone was interested in coming to a ToT raid.  I think he pulled his main out of the guild to join a raiding guild but still had a few alts around.

Me:  “Sure!  I can go!  Would you like me to tank on my DK??”


Me:  “I’ve tanked one Heroic Dungeon!”

More Crickets

Guildie: “Ummmm….no not really could you bring your priest?”

So…my tanking reputation has apparently spread far and wide throughout the entire server…

I went on my Priest and was quickly reminded about how slacking off on a character who doesn’t raid anymore pays the cost in crappy dps.

Yes, I had my shiny new wand I picked up from Looking for Loot last week but completely forgot to gem and enchant the thing.

A kind person in the raid who felt sorry for me traded me a gem after the second boss.  How embarrassing.  At least I wasn’t wearing my Safari Hat…

Still determined to try DK tanking, I considered my options after the raid.

I have a level 90 Alli DK doing nothing.

I have a level 60 Horde DK doing nothing.  In my defense it’s on a PvP server.

I have a level 61 Horde DK doing nothing.

What to do, what to do…I know!  I’ll make another DK!

This time I picked a high population PvE server with the theory that no one knows my tanking reputation and there might even be an opportunity for me if I can find the right guild (interpreted to mean a guild that will let me learn tanking and doesn’t mind dying a lot.)

I made a very lovely Dranaei DK and OMG!  She looks awesome!  I’ve been through the DK starter zone so many times it didn’t take me long to get through it and out to Stormwind.

I even finished that stupid vehicle quest I hate so much without dying.

Say Hello to Death Noob #4

Say Hello to Death Noob #4

She’s almost level 60 and as soon as she get her flying (questionable since I have about 28g on her – can’t even purchase one glyph) I’ll start tormenting…errrrr….tanking LFD.

Yes, I’m going to “clean up” my battalion of Death Noobs and stick to just two Alli and one Horde DK so it doesn’t turn into another Priest/Rogue-fest.

I need at least one ready to go from each faction since you never know where the next tanking opportunity might pop up!