I managed to “fluff up” my tanking resume this weekend, so here is a comprehensive list of my Death Noob’s tanking cred:

1.  Tank 1 of 1 – Heroic Temple of the Jade Serpent

No one died.

2.  Tank 4 of 4 – Oondasta

Decided to bite the bullet and go as tank since I’m not going to get tanking gear as dps.   While we were waiting around for a few more people, I noticed that with the little shield next to my name I got all the healer attention.

We were killing dinosaurs around the area for something to do, and I had a full compliment of healing shields, buff, bubbles – the works.

Quite a different perspective from going as dps and expecting healer attention to be elsewhere.  One big perk of being a tank.

A friend who was in the group whispered me and said “Look at that tank (Tank 1 of 4) he’s got over 800k health!”

I checked my health.  Fully buffed I had just under 500k.  Yeah.

Unfortunately, I got one-shot right out of the gate because someone pulled Oondasta early (as usual) but I ran back and the healers managed to keep me alive until the end.  Not sure if I actually tanked anything but I think it counts.

I even got gear – PvP dps pants.  Yeah, thanks.

3.  Tank 2 of 2 – Normal Firelands

My Priest pugged into an Heroic Firelands run and got the Firelord title Friday night, so on Saturday when my friend asked if I could come to a normal FL run my Priest was locked out.

I looked at it as an opportunity for my tank.

They had a bear tank who could pretty much solo tank everything but I was ready just in case – and finally got my big chance.

We had wiped once or twice on Rag, so the bear tank told me to taunt Rag when he called for it.

Tank #1 calls for taunt and I hit Dark Command.

It must have worked because Rag when down.

Tanking Firelands

Tanking Firelands

So…am I ready for Prime Time Progression Raiding yet?