Raids have been in full swing for a while, but on a smaller server there always seems to be a need for tanks and healers.

I have a buddy on my server who is in a raid group that has run into the tank/healer shortage.

The conversation went something like this:

Raider: “…blah blah blah so now we’re looking for a tank and a healer.”

Me:  “What a coincidence!  I have a DK who would like to try tanking”

Raider:  “Really?  What raids have you tanked?”

Me:  “I’ve tanked one Heroic Dungeon :D”

Raider:  “Ummm…yeah…what’s your ilvl?  You would need over 470.”

Me:  “Let me see…ilvl 462!  But I got some dsp pants in LFR last night!”

Raider: “Right…well you would need more or you would get one-shot by the boss.”

Me:  “Are you kidding?  I’m a DK! <links Death Strike> and I’m stacking Mastery for the shield thingy :D”

Raider:  “Yeah….well our DK tank was over 470 and couldn’t survive…”

Me:  “Ha!  Was he pretty?  My toon is pretty <links Armory>”

Raider: “Ummm…yeah…well I’ll get back to you.”

I should probably hold out for one of the top progression guilds.