I’ve been running around on my Death Noob in Blood spec to get used it and oh boy do I love gathering up a ton of mobs and smashing them in the face!

I just can’t die.

Well, unless I’m standing in stupid or something.

I don’t have much gear yet so stuff dies really, really slow (I’m doing between 19k-22k) compared with Frost spec but I feel invincible and that’s a nice change from squishi (I’m looking at you, Mage!)

I’ve even taken on some of those nasty rares that stomped the crap out of my Priest and Rogue and came out the winner.

Stomping Rares

Stomping Rares

I’ve been soloing Skadi every day for the mount (nothing yet) and I’m so awesome that I even got some Achievements.

Where's my mount??

Where’s my mount??

I haven’t done any “real” tanking yet so when a guildie wanted to run Obsidian Sanctum for the mount I got a chance to try some tanking stuff.

Of course it still wasn’t much tanking to do because the guildie pretty much two-shot Sartharion, but I got to keep it’s attention and turn it around so that was fun and made me feel a little useful.

She already had the 10-player dragon so I finally got the Reins of the Black Drake.

Black Drake

Black Drake

I also lucked out Sunday night on my Temple of Ahn’Qiraj run and got the red bug mount.

Finally dropped from first trash

Finally dropped from first trash

It’s a shame we can’t ride these out in the real world so I guess it’s back to Archaeology if I want one…yay.

Red Qiraji Battle Tank

Red Qiraji Battle Tank

Death Noob Profession Blues

I bit the bullet, dumped Herbalism and picked up Jewelcrafting.

What a miserable ook in the dooker to level!  I hit the wall when I reached TBC JC level.  Not much to make for skill points except everything that needs Adamantite Powder.  I’ve check a few of the profession guides and haven’t found one that gives an alternative to getting over this hump.

So I sent my Rogue out to do some mining for Adamantite ore (absolutely nothing on the AH and when there was something it was like 200g for 1 ore or a price equally ridiculous.)

Insert massive CRZ rant here.

I flew around *all* of Outland for a couple of hours and managed to only get enough ore to make about 4 or 5 Adamantite Powder.

So I’m stuck at 346 JC and without a steady supply of Adamantite ore I’m screwed.  I did the DMF profession quest and the 5 skill points didn’t push me past TBC so *cry*

Oh well.

I’m really itching to try some real tanking so I’m going to queue up for some Scenarios and see if I can get some practice even if they don’t need a tank.

Other than that I’m not sure what to do to get me ready for prime time unless I can bribe some test subjects…errr….guildies to queue some dungeons with me for practice.

Maybe I should make it a contest…