When I created my Death Noob it was mainly to level up a profession I didn’t have so I gave her Herbalism and Alchemy, both at max level now.

My Mage has maxed out Herbalism and Inscription, so she can be the herb supplier (yeah, I am so NOT taking her to Isle of Thunder…she died twice doing the Tiller dailies so she’ll be picking flowers for a career.  I might try Fire spec and see if that helps any.)

My Priest has maxed Tailoring/Engineering, and my beloved Rogue has maxed Mining/Enchanting.

So…here’s the kicker.

I actually enjoy playing my Death Noob and she’s the one stomping her way around Isle of Thunder and other annoying dailies that make mincemeat out of my Priest and Rogue.

I want to drop Herbalism on her and give her a more useful crafting profession.

Jewelcrafting is looking good – she’s got the Transmute thingee – but omg JC is an expensive pain in the dooker to level up.

How do I know?  Because during Cata I was actually leveling up JC on my Shaman and got it to about 325.

So why don’t I just finish leveling it up on my Shaman?

That’s the 50,000 gold question.  I don’t like playing my Shaman anymore.  I got her up to Pearlfin Lake and well, it’s just not fun to play.  She makes a much more interesting bank alt.

So I could bite the bullet and level up JC on my Death Noob because I’m going to be playing her more.

But what about Blacksmithing?  I could level that up fairly quickly with the new BS leveling stuff with Ghost Iron (Rogue has been hording a ton of it) but because my Death Noob is my only Plate class well…I don’t know if it would be worth it.

I do have a level 43 Paladin I might dust off and she has BS/Mining so she could do it.

But JC would be more beneficial to more characters than BS.  Downside is it would take a ton of gold to level it up even with my Rogue mining the ores or even my baby Warlock gathering ore as she levels up.

The other downside is with CRZ  *insert usual CRZ rant here.*  It’s definitely noticeable with my Warlock that ores in the leveling areas are very few and far between.  A few laps around Elwynn Forest got me about 2 or 3 stacks of herbs but only 12 copper ore.

*bangs head on keyboard*

I just don’t know…