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Ran Looking for Loot last night – didn’t want to, but well maybe just maybe I’ll get to replace my Heroic Dungeon Blue weapon…


But I got PANTS!

Al’set’s Tormented Leggings to be exact – and they’re not healer pants!

I’ve seen the first couple of bosses in ToT but I hadn’t seen the last one at all.  Since I had a 40 minute queue I figured I had plenty of time to look up the last boss.

Nope – couple minutes in and bam! A fresh run to boot!

It went pretty well for a LFR group.  Probably because it was Tuesday.  LFR tends to deteriorate as the week goes on so I will have to make an effort to run it ASAP after maintenance.

The last boss(es) – Council of Elders – I still don’t know.  Someone gave brief instructions as to priorities but wow with all the spell effects and movement I couldn’t find the right target half the time.

But all went well – no wipes at all (!!) and I got PANTS!

I also got a Mountain Panda pet in my Fables Pet Supply bag – two more to go then I can drop doing that daily.

It’s a lot of running around to battle ten pets for one bag.  More stick than carrot and I like to get a carrot once in a while but with the abysmal RNG that doesn’t happen often enough.

Heck, I could skip this daily all together, save up some gold and buy the other two pets from the AH!

Yup, sounds like a plan!


My Death Noob is on the last stretch from level 89 to 90, but a guildie Hunter was looking for someone to help kill dinosaurs and trolls to get the Ancient Tome of Dinomancy, so I went along because you can’t underestimate the fun of getting stomped!

We did pretty good – didn’t aggro any nasty dinosaurs and he got his tome and tamed a very cute blue dinosaur pet.

Almost makes me want to dust off my hunter and level her up to 90.


My poor hunter used to be my “main” and has been collecting dust since the end of Wrath.  I got her into Mount Hyjal but ick – leveling through Cata and then MoP again would give me one more 90 I don’t play very well.

She’s been very squishy in Cata but at least in MoP I can buy her the Adventurer’s gear so maybe I’ll fix up her BM spec and give it a shot.

I haven’t played her for such a long time she still has mana potions in her bags.

Anyway, there’s a long weekend coming up and I could play WoW and level alts or start some spring cleaning.

What to do, what to do…

Forgot to add my paid mounts problem has been resolved.  Got an in-game mail with all my paid mounts in it and a ticket response.

Just keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t disappear again!

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