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My first Oondasta fight.

Pre-fight:  Standing around waiting, not sure why there are a ton of skeletons everywhere but there are some PvP-flagged Horde lurking around so whatever.

A few guilds were plopping down their Battle Standards and since we had some guildies in the group I thought we should put one down for our guild.

Except I didn’t have one, but I did have the Guild Guy pet so I brought him out and bought a standard.

Guild Standard

Guild Standard

Much better!

Of course, someone pulls Oondasta before everyone is ready but off we go and I’m pretty much insta-killed – several times.

My View of the Oondasta Fight

My View of the Oondasta Fight

Fortunately the graveyard gave me a very good view of Oondasta’s giant dinosaur butt…

Notice the long rez timer.  Oondasta was going down and for a moment it looked as if I would get to rez with just enough time to throw in a few shots, but when I rezzed I was insta-shot again so I was dead for the kill.

I lucked out on loot – got a ring, and with my bonus roll I got gloves.  Not bad for 106g repair bill…

Dead Dinosaur

Dead Dinosaur

I thought I might as well get a shot of me and Oondasta that wasn’t in Graveyard Grey just for my scrapbook.

Oondasta in Color

Oondasta in Color

Death Noob Blues

Well, I got my Death Noob about halfway to 89.  The choke point for my Mage (stupid quest chain where she died 4 times, gave up and is sitting in an Inn somewhere nearby) took about 5 minutes for my DK.

I was feeling pretty confident so when I ran into a couple of rares I thought I’d have a good chance of killing them – I’m wearing plate after all!

Nope.  Couldn’t kill them even using everything I had – Anti-magic shell, a couple of heal things, ghoul, the entire army and whatever other spells I had key bound.


This is the longest, more boring part of leveling (87-89) so I might run a dungeon or two just for a change of scenery.  As long as there aren’t any rares in dungeons I should do okay.

Cleaning up

I had skipped a bunch of quests when I first took my priest through MoP (dying every 5 minutes isn’t fun) so I went back to finish up one small quest chain I had missed for Loremaster of Pandaria.

Loremaster of Pandaria

Loremaster of Pandaria

It must have been my lucky weekend because when I finished the daily Legendary pet battle quests I got the Snowy Panda in my supply bag.

Snowy Panda

Snowy Panda

Ain’t it just the cutest thing?

I also discovered that all my paid mounts were missing – not just greyed out and unusable, but completely gone.  Even my Armory shows them as “Uncollected.”

Put in a ticket, checked the forums and apparently there is some kind of bug that Blizzard hasn’t figured out how to fix yet.

Creating a level one jump-started the problem I was having with greyed-out purchased pets I couldn’t summon, but it didn’t work at all for the mounts.


Good thing I have other mounts for my characters or they’d all be taking the bus…

March 2013

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