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I got hit with the “X Safari” Achievement bug – the one where you capture the pets but they don’t get checked off in the achievement list.

Some people reported on the forums that although they weren’t checked off, they still received the achievement(s.)

I did not.

So…I got to run around and re-capture pets not checked off to get the Achievements because we all know what’s coming up – Qiraji Guardling – the “summer” pet everyone needs for the “World Safari” achievement and the “Zookeeper” title.

One rare seasonal pet + CRZ = one giant headache for the entire summer.

Eastern Kingdom Safari

Eastern Kingdom Safari

I was worried that I would have to release the pets I had before re-capturing them to trigger the achievement, but I didn’t so that made it easier.

Pandaria Safari

Pandaria Safari

I already had Rare or Uncommon versions of them, so I just grabbed the first pet I needed and didn’t worry about quality.

I’ll keep them until I get the pet and the title and then I’ll release them – at this point it’s not worth taking any chances!

Death Noob Transmog

Here’s the “official” picture of my DK hitting level 85.

Level 85!

Level 85!

I would have posted it sooner but for some reason I decided to run my thumb drive through the washing machine so…yeah.

I got my Pandaria starter quest and began ROFLstomping my way through the Jade Forest.

It wasn’t as excruciatingly painful on my DK as it was with my Mage, but it wasn’t a walk in the park either.

Mob health and difficulty is definitely ramped up in MoP content so I had to be careful until I started getting some quest gear.

It was also time to start looking for some fancy plate for transmog so I hit up a few sites and found something I liked – Enchanted Adamantite Armor.

No, forget the plate-kinis.  They just look…well, ridiculous for a melee character.

That being said, the Enchanted Adamantite doesn’t exactly “cover” everything, but for me it’s a nice balance between looking good and “practical” for some rip-roaring mob stomping.

The good news – the main pieces for the set are crafted by a Blacksmith.  The bad news – the patterns require Friendly to Revered reputation with the Scryers.

So my plan was to gather up all the mats for the pieces then find a Blacksmith who had ground out rep during TBC and had the patterns.

A guild member who had characters maxed out with all professions offered to make it for me, but her rep was with the Alders.  No problem as I was sure there was a BS out there who had the patterns.

The next day I open my mail and there is the entire BS set – yup, she had ground the Scryers rep and made me all the pieces!

She refused any payment for it but I absolutely insisted on sending her a bunch of gold for it.  She said she didn’t need it but I could send it to her husband’s character since he was always broke – which I did.

Not only did she send me the transmog set, she also sent me an entire BS plate set and a weapon (!) to replace my heirlooms and icky Cata greens – with enchants to go with them.

Now I had not only a smoking hot transmog set, but some decent gear that will last me a few levels and oh boy!  Did that gear make a difference!  I was back to ROFLstomping my way through Pandaria cutting through mobs like butter.

A huge thank you my friend – that was way beyond any expectations and greatly appreciated!  I owe you big time.

Almost done DK transmog set

Almost done DK transmog set

Now that I had the main pieces (and some decent gear to actually transmog) I still needed shoulders and gloves.

Unfortunately the shoulders and gloves at the WoWRoleplay site are world drops so not much chance of getting those – too bad because I love the shoulders!

So I found an easier to get alternative – Wailing Nightbane Pauldrons that drop from The Unforgiven in Stratholme.

Easy-peasy.  Took me four runs to get them.  They are not as snappy as the Saltstone Shoulder Pads but they will do for now.

I had saved Bloodbane’s Gauntlets of Command so I’m using those until something better comes along even if they are brown trim instead of grey.

I went through the Moggit addon looking at every cloak and found the Wispcoak.  It has the same purple tone and miracle of miracles!  My Priest has the Tailoring pattern *and* I have all the mats!

I still need to find a fancy sword – I like swords better than axes – and I was able to transmog my Runed Soulblade on my axe so that’s encouraging.

Luckily I had saved this sword too from my DK starter set – otherwise I’d be farming forever to find the same dropped models!

I haven’t looked at helms yet, but did go through my bank to see if there was anything matching I had saved along the way.

Apparently I saved Greathelm of the Scourge Champion.  Sure, it’s part of the DK set but…ugh…it’s ugly.

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