Since the new Thunder content in Patch 5.2 has gone live, poor Galleon and Sha of Anger must be feeling a little rejected because both were up for a long time before an Alli group formed to take them down.

Remember the good old days when you were lucky to even see Galleon and the Horde/Alliance war to get the first tag was more contentious than anything written in lore?

I guess since they drop “old” gear now no one is very interested, but when a group did form for Galleon I decided to take my Rogue because she has the least gear of all and well, old gear is an upgrade.

I even had a bunch of Lucky Doo Charms for some extra gold.

Galleon went down fairly easy and what do I see?  An Epic ilvl 496 belt – Cannoneer’s Gunpowder Carrier!  I actually won a piece of useful gear that wasn’t PvP gear!

I didn’t have time to savor the moment because the group decided to get Sha of Anger while we were at it, so down went Sha and I got Epic T14 Legguards of the Thousandfold Blades pants!


Didn’t even have to use my bonus roll for either of the them (I did anyway and got gold.)

With some sparkly new gems, enchants and a reforge session, she now has an ilvl of 469.  Not enough for the new LFR, but good enough to let her finish up the previous one.

I must have sacrificed a Gnome or something to the RNG gods, because after a very long dry spell of getting nothing (except the PvP gear and a couple of things that weren’t upgrades) I got PANTS, a belt and my poor Horde Priest *finally* replaced that Heroic weapon she’s been dragging around since MoP launch with a lovely LFR mace.

Since we’re talking about luck, my Rogue also found the very last Treasure that’s been eluding her – the Bloodsoaked Chitin Fragment.

Blood Soaked Chitin Fragment

Blood Soaked Chitin Fragment

She didn’t really need it since I’ve got all the Treasure Achievements, but it’s nice to say I have one character that found them all.

Death Noob Hits Deepholm

Yup, got my Death Noob started in Deepholm and I’ve been LOL-stomping my way through content so fast it makes me giggle.

I discovered that it doesn’t even matter what buttons I press in what order – stuff sees me coming and falls over dead even though I’ve replaced most of my heirlooms with quest greens.

I’m going to have to start paying attention to DK rotations soon because if my previous alts are any indication, MoP content will knock the giggles right out of you.

My Mage is still sitting at level 88 because MoP has turned her into squishy goo more than a few times.

I also want to try out the experience with Pet Battles and see if that might get me over a few leveling bumps.  I had my DK battle the Deepholm master but didn’t get any experience, so I don’t know if it’s just for certain pet masters/zones.  I’ll have to check it out and try again.

I’m actually enjoying my DK for now.  Time to start looking for some transmog gear!