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Well, I’d like to write a post about how my *cough* amazing *cough* dps and nimble jumping around bad stuff helped defeat Horridon, but …

Instead I get to report my observations on the floor graphics in Throne of Thunder since I was usually the first one dead and had plenty of time to examine the flooring in detail.

Horridon - Dead Again

Horridon – Dead Again

As you can see, the off-set tile pattern is a mix of a low-relief stylized “flowers” complimented with a subtle marbled stone material.

Horridon - Dead Again

Horridon – Dead Again

This tiling is repeated at the entrance but the actual placement is adjusted to fit a horizontal pattern that compliments the central design.

Unfortunately, I was actually still alive and standing when Jin’rokh the Breaker went down so I don’t have a report on the floor tiling.

Jin'rokh the Breaker

Jin’rokh the Breaker

On a more positive note, my Primal Egg hatched and I got the Reins of the Black Primal Raptor.

Primal Egg

Primal Egg

My CRZ buddy who was farming Primal Eggs with me got the same mount in his egg.

Maybe this is a “common” drop like the tailoring cocoon where you get a about a 50% drop rate for Imperials Worms and a 1% drop rate for Imperial Moths.

I don’t know exactly what the drop rates are, all I know is that I have a bank full of Imperial Worms I can’t even give away, and I’ve only seen two Imperial Moths.

I don’t have a lot of raptor mounts but I like this one because of the purple-black colors.

Black Primal Raptor

Black Primal Raptor

Time to go farm another egg!  Why am I getting Oracle flashbacks…

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