I found the “catch of the day” and decided to try it with my Rogue because she’s the only one so far that has the Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm.

Who do I see fishing at the pools of the day?  The most “famous” angler of all, El.  Blizzard has honored El of El’s Extreme Anglin’ with his own NPC – with the “Salty” title, of course!

El and me fishing!

El and me fishing!

If you’ve ever spent more than 5 minutes fishing, you know who El is or probably checked out his website at least once to find out about those elusive fish!

Breanni of Warcraft Pets got an honorary NCP in Dalaran for her extensive work on companion pets, so it’s really nice to see El get “memorialized” for all his wonderful work on WoW fishing.

CRZ “Fixes”

I had heard a rumor that the CRZ problem of two-person mounts tossing passengers to their deaths every time they moved across a CRZ had been fixed.

Always suspicious of anything related to CRZ, a guildie ummm… “volunteered” to be a passenger on my Obsidian Nightwing mount so we could test it out.

CRZ Experiment #1

We flew back and forth across a zone barrier in Pandaria and it seemed to be working.  At least he didn’t fall off and plummet to his death.

But since we weren’t sure if Pandaria was entirely CRZ yet, we headed off to SW to test it out between the city and Elwynn Forest.

CRZ Experiment

CRZ Experiment

From my perspective, he would fly off the mount right at the zone cross, hang in mid-air, then catch up and be back on the mount.

He reported that he would be disconnected and then reconnected.

If I flew through the zone barrier without stopping, he would still appear to leave the mount then catch up.  If I stopped at the stutter, stutter, clunk point well…once or twice he became a squishy spot on the road.

Conclusion?  CRZ is still buggy for passengers although falling to their death is now possibly another RNG “feature.”  Use at your own risk.

CRZ Experiment #2

I was happily ROFL mob-stomping, one-shotting my way through Northrend when I hit the last quest series from the Bone Witch – specifically, Banshee’s Revenge.

Suggested players: 5?  Ha! I’m a Death Noob!  I don’t need no stinking 5 players!

Yeah well I got my butt handed to me pretty efficiently and since I wanted to finish up this quest chain I stooped to the level of asking in General if anyone else was on this quest since there were a few CRZ people chatting about quests in the area.

A CRZ player (Druid) replied and said she had already soloed Banshee’s Revenge (yeah, make me feel more stupid) but would help me with it because she needed help with the rest of the quest chain Battle at Valhalas.

Sounded good to me.  Since she had already completed the quest I had to start it but with her help we stomped him down and went on to the Battle at Valhalas.

Since we both had the same quest, we tried to group up but couldn’t.  If she tried to invite me it would auto-decline (I never saw an invite box) and if I tried to invite her I would get “Player not found.”

Tried the Battletag thing and would still get “Player not found.”

Not sure what was going on, but since we couldn’t group up we had to do each quest twice for both of us to get credit (it’s the beat 5 champions one like the amphitheater quests.)

We were doing fine until Boss #4 where we both got stomped and died.  She had a healing off-spec, so she switched to healing while I did the “tanking.”

Yup, I got to tank in Frost spec.  Why didn’t I switch to Blood?  Ummm…yeah sort of forgot so…

Anyway, that worked really well, we got all the quests done and since we worked together so well as a team it would have been nice to add each other to Friends so we could do quests and dungeons.

But CRZ decided that was not going to happen, so I’m missing out on another CRZ buddy.

Yup, thanks Blizzard 😛