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In my never-ending quest to avoid dailies at all costs, I’ve been thumbing my nose at the MoP consensus that this expansion is alt-unfriendly.

I had the “brilliant” idea a while back that some alt classes that just didn’t click for me should find new jobs leveling up useful professions so I don’t have to spend days looking for an enchant or glyph or someone to make it for me.

Yes, a good theory except well, the key is the classes didn’t click for me.  So now I’m looking at leveling up classes I don’t play very well so I can level up their respective professions.

If I was smart (which I’m not) I would only create priests and rogues, and have a full server slot of them with every profession.

But my alts’ professions are leveled up enough that deleting and starting over would be painful – not to mention expensive.

So…I got my Mage to level 88.  Her Inscription is maxed out and all she has to do is the daily cd and whatever rep she might need for glyph stuff at level 90.

Mage Hits Level 88

Mage Hits Level 88

Oddly enough her Herbalism isn’t maxed out yet but I’ve still got questing to do so it shouldn’t take too long.

Questing is just so painful.  Literally.  You know that quest where you have to get the farm lady’s pot?  It took me three days to get the pot and the related quests.


It’s not going to get any easier knowing what’s coming up – the Grummie quest line and then the dreaded Dread Wastes.

So I decided to take a break from my Mage and see what else I had in the Level Up Professions Queue.

My next highest was my Death Noob – level 71 with a decent level in Alchemy and Herbalism.  Stuck in Northrend.  A Worgen.

Yup, race change to Human (can’t ignore the reputation bonus), picked up a few missing heirlooms and away we go!

Bonus:  She wears plate.  Not a squishy cloth dress, but actual plate.  I’ll say it again:  Plate.  And I got her a massive, in-your-face heirloom axe.

Yeah, come at me now you stupid knockback mobs!  Heck, she even gets a talent later on specifically for knockback mobs coming up in MoP.

Only problem is I can’t play a DK.  Yes, I looked at Icy Veins and didn’t understand all that convoluted “diseases” and “runes” talk.  I need something well, more basic (read “more simple” because I’m an idiot.)

I also wanted to try leveling as Blood but couldn’t find anything other than tank stuff, so I went Frost and have been muddling my way through Wrath content.

Death Noob

Death Noob

On the bright side it’s easy – I can roll my face over the keyboard and kill stuff.  Once I found the one ability that also heals you – ha!  I’m unstoppable.

On the down side, it really doesn’t help me learn how to play a DK and I will need to clean up my act for MoP.

But for now, I’m having a facerolling good old time one-shotting mobs and feeling like I could solo the Lich King.

The feeling of power.  I love it.

I’m going to hate going back to being a greasy spot on the road if I’m not careful picking my way through MoP mobs.

But for now, my DK is level 77 and still has a few more levels of fun!

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