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I’m only asking because the temptation to take my Rogue to Isle of Thunder was overwhelming (new pockets to pick? Hell YES!) even though Dying for Dailies isn’t at the top of my “Fun Things To Do” list.

I picked up the dailies and cautiously stealthed around, killing a mob or two or waiting for a group to kill quest bosses, and guess what?

I only died twice!

Once because I was just stupid and was standing in stupid, and once because I got a bunch of mobs on me when Vanish was on cd.

Other than that, I got all the quests done.  Very slowly of course because I had to stop and pick every pocket.

Side Rant:  Come on, Blizzard!  If mobs can carry weapons they can have pockets!  More pockets, please!  You can’t tell me Trolls don’t understand the concept of pockets!

So…I think I was reading about rogues getting a buff but I haven’t changed up any talents or spells yet.

The Old Gods know that I certainly haven’t had an epiphany with playing a rogue and suddenly upped my skill level.

My conclusion:  I didn’t die 50 times, therefore Rogues got a pretty hefty buff.

I did a full clear – and I mean Full Clear including all the neutral crabs – of Blackfathom Deeps because WoWHead had my shoulders in the drop table of everything in there.

No Prospector’s Pads shoulders, but I did get the Prospector’s Chestpiece so the Prospector stuff must be in there.

I also ran The Slave Pens in Heroic and Normal because there is a fancy sword and dagger that drops off one boss.  Didn’t get either, but it’s quick and something to do.

I also had my Priest tailor a lovely Red Workman’s Shirt because I though a red shirt would look better than the black (actually more grey than black) shirt.

Red Workman's Shirt

Red Workman’s Shirt

Not bad…but ugh! I really need those Prospector’s shoulders!

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