The highly anticipated (or feared depending on whether or not your favorite class got hit with the Nerf Bat) 5.2 Patch dropped yesterday.

I suppose the biggest news is Dinosaur Island with – you knew this was coming – more dailies!

New Dailies Quest Hub

New Dailies Quest Hub

So I took my Priest over for a look, did some dailies and it actually reminded me quite a bit of Tol Barad if it had been invaded by Trolls.

Yes, it’s a lot like Tol Barad – probably because of the “no flying” rule and the twisty roads you have to navigate.

And…more Valor stuff locked behind reputation.  I don’t have enough VP to buy anything yet so no rush to get rep.

The quests themselves weren’t too bad – my less-than-epically-geared priest could handle them just fine (no, I haven’t even switched up my talents yet) but with increased mob health, I probably won’t be taking my rogue there any time soon.

I don’t have a raid yet (heck, I haven’t even seen most of the 5.1 stuff yet) so I don’t know anything about the Throne of Thunder – maybe next expansion.

There are also reports of a bug – or perhaps “feature” – where quest item drops are almost non-existent.

I saw a lot of people complaining about it at Halfhill.  The Fatty Goat Steaks were barely dropping at all, and I also saw a lot of reports about quest drops at the Forums.  A temporary solution is to group up with someone, and then the drop rates are back to “normal.”

I hope it’s a bug and not a “feature,” (insert CRZ rant here) but you never know…

Pet Battles

There are new pets to tame and well, I haven’t looked at pet battles for a while but there is a new set of pet battles that – you guessed it – turn into dailies once you defeat the new pets.

A WoW buddy picked up one of the new dinosaur mounts that dropped from a rare and three new pets, so that’s a good excuse to go out there and look around.

All I noticed for taming pets were some frogs and a snake but I wasn’t looking too hard.

One thing I did notice – pet abilities really took a hit, especially the Fluxfire Feline and my favorite Flayer Youngling.

I battled a few of the new pet “bosses” and my team was more than a little squishy so I’ll have to start over again.  The ones I found were mostly Beasts and Aquatics, so when I added a couple of mechanicals to my team they went down fairly fast.

I didn’t even bother with the DMF tamer because I could barely beat him (stupid monkey) before the nerfs.  I have no idea what to use now.

Free Farm

I was actually shocked that buying the farm didn’t cost more than a quest – and you actually got some gold for doing the quest, so…you get gold and a free farm!

There is a big book in your farmhouse now that you can set your hearthstone to and make it your home.

For some reason this made me “squeee” more than anything else in 5.2 – I’m a home owner!  I was happy just to spend some time standing around in my house.  You can even cook on the stove!

There is also a scroll by your plots with “work orders” from various factions that will give a bit of rep if you do them.

My priest is maxed out on rep with everyone except the Operation: Shieldwall stuff so I’d much rather do a farm daily for rep than do those stupid mine quests!

Yes, I’m liking the farm changes quite a bit.  Softens the Nerf Bat blows a bit.

Rogue Transmog

I couldn’t take my Rogue out for the new dailies (she’s way to squishy) but I did get her the farm and found a couple of Treasures that have eluded me so far.

The farm rep will be good for her because she’s got a lot of rep to work on since she can’t handle the Shieldwall dailies at all with dying a hundred times.

I went to a few places to farm for the shoulders for a bit, but I had no luck.  I didn’t really expect to find them but it’s something to do.

I also ran her through the Stockades and did the quest to get the brown leather eye patch – thanks for the tip Repgrind!

I did my usual check of the AH and no shoulders, but lo and behold!  What do I find not one but two – count them – TWO Swashbuckler’s Eyepatches.  I bought one (the cheapest one) and there went the rest of my gold but hey!  It’s red!

Fancy Red Eye Patch

Fancy Red Eye Patch

Here’s a better picture than the WoWHead preview – standing in her farmhouse wielding those lovely Night Blade transmogged daggers!

Night Blade Transmogged daggers

Night Blade Transmogged daggers

Yes, I’m really liking my new “home.”