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Got a bit of Grummie luck last night – I logged off my Rogue at the Jade Witch’s house on the theory that I’d be there to check if the Jade Statue was up instead of flying all the way over from the temple when I logged in…and there it was!

Jade Warrior Statue

Jade Warrior Statue

I “talked” to it and got my Jade Infused Blade.  I think that’s the last BoA Treasure weapon I had to get.

Jade Infused Blade

Jade Infused Blade

There are quite a few nice one-handed sword “treasures” so that’s a good excuse to try Combat again just for transmog.

I’m still working on my Rogue’s transmog items to go with the Cadaverous set.  Trying to find matching shoulders is tougher than finding Pandaren treasures!

So…I went through all the leather shoulders in Mogit and finally found something that matched a little better than what I have with the added bonus it doesn’t have big spikey things sticking in your face.

The Prospector’s Pads are a low level green item and blend in pretty good with the rest of the set.

Downside is the drop rate from a whole bunch of mobs.

The “best” rate was from the Hammerhead Shark.  I’d never heard of the Hammerhead Shark, but it had my shoulders so I went to find it – way off the coast of Hillsbrad Foothills.

Apparently there might be 3 swimming around there but I only ever saw one.  Kill it, loot it, wait for despawn then another spawns in about 5-10 minutes.

So far I’ve got several Torn Flippers and one Half-Digested Roe.  No sign of my shoulders yet.

It’s pretty boring treading water in the middle of nowhere waiting for a Hammerhead Shark, so I might take my chances with some of the lower drop rate mobs.

I also found a better cloak on Mogit – Shawl of the Caretaker.  Drops from Ignis the Furnace Master.

In Ulduar.  Yeah.

But with bit more searching I found the Worn Stoneskin Gargolye Cape is the same model and color scheme, a BoA and I think I already have it.


Add a Stylish Black Shirt and I’m good to go!

Transmog Set

Transmog Set

I stopped at the AH before logging off just in case someone had found the shoulders and posted them, but no luck.

Then I made the mistake of going through all the daggers posted.

Guess what was at the top of list?

The Night Blade.  Yes, the perfect dagger to go with my Cadaverous set.  At an absolutely outrageous price.

Of course I bought it which wiped out my entire gold reserves.  Thank the gods I can use one to transmog two daggers instead of having to buy two…

And…what do we need for a helm?  Why, the red Swashbuckler’s Eyepatch of course!  Also a random zone or world drop – yipee!

Full Transmog Set

Full Transmog Set

The dagger animation colors are wrong in the WoWHead preview, but you get the idea.  Yes, I don’t have very good fashion sense but this will do for now.

Looks like I’ll be hunting for those shoulders and eyepatch for very long time.

And I wonder why I’m always broke…

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