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Step aside, Harrison Jones!

There’s a new Relic Hunter in town!  The Relic Hunter is one of the best non-raiding titles in the game!  I think it was also really bad TV show title…

After a fun weekend of hunting down Pandaren Treasures (and really, it’s a lot of fun) I finally found 20 lost treasures for the achievement and title.

Achievement for Relic Hunter Title

Achievement for Relic Hunter Title

Other than the BoA weapons, I also snagged about 800g just from the Treasure vendor trash (averaging about 90-100g each), picked up a few BoP trinkets/rings/gear, and even had one very close call.

Unlike hunting down rare pets that are an exercise in camping and frustration (I’m looking at you Minfernal!) Treasure Hunting (for me) was a good balance between rare spawns and timing that was challenging, but not punishing.

Key words here are not punishing.  Some treasures are more challenging to find because they are in “high traffic” areas for questing and dailies (there are still a couple I have to find yet) but at no point did I feel as if I had to plant an alt somewhere and camp for days.

Looking for a treasure when everyone and his dog are doing dailies there?  No problem – come back tomorrow when the quest hub changes and you’ll probably find it.

Someone snag that treasure you’re after just as you spotted it?  No problem – come back in a few hours or the next day and it might spawn again.

Yup, that happened to me a couple of times.  Someone grabbing the treasure seconds before I could get it, and to be fair well…I managed to beat out a Hordie or two myself.

Treasure Hunter Necessities

I followed this Exploration Guide: The Relic Hunter because it shows all the treasures you need for the achievements by zone.

I also took the advice of a guildie and got the Lost Treasures addon.  It requires TomTom but yeah, I know – I’m the only person on the planet who didn’t have TomTom so…

I did most of my Treasure Hunting with my Rogue.  A lot of the weapons are very close to mobs and elite dailies bosses, so sneaky-steathly worked great to check to see if a spawn was there without having to fight my way in and out.

However, if I did find a spawn and unstealthed when I grabbed it, I would aggro everything around me and either have to Vanish or fight them (this is important!)

If I decided to hang around for a while to see if something spawned, I could amuse myself by picking pockets and getting a little extra gold!

Finding Treasures

Treasures will sparkle like quest items.  Some are very obvious, out in the open or contrast well with the environment.

Hammer of Ten Thunders - out in the open, very visible

Hammer of Ten Thunders – out in the open, very visible

Others are really difficult to find and you have to look very carefully or run your mouse over a spawn area to find a cogwheel.

Wind-Reaver's Dagger of Quick Strikes - easy to miss

Wind-Reaver’s Dagger of Quick Strikes – easy to miss

A couple of suggestions to make it easier – turn your water graphics to Low. This makes the water “invisible” and those underwater treasures a lot easier to see!

Wodin's Mantid Shanker in a fountain

Wodin’s Mantid Shanker in a fountain

Most important is to make sure you have room in your bags before looting a treasure – keep those bags empty!

Some comments at WoWHead have reported that looting with full bags will not give credit for looting the item and it will not be mailed to you or restored – the item will just despawn and you are out of luck.

I would always stop at a vendor somewhere along the way and delete all my trash to keep about 30 or 40 bags slots open just in case…

The Lost Sword – Blade of the Prime

After looking for this sword for a couple of days – it’s a very busy questing and dailies area – I had it spawn right in front of me while making my “treasure rounds” in Dread Wastes.

Blade of the Prime

Blade of the Prime

Of course, I unstealthed when I looted it, and aggroed the elite daily boss.

Yeah, Elite boss...

Yeah, Elite boss…

Before I could hit Accept the boss attacked me, the loot window disappeared and the item despawned.

Talk about a “bang my head on the keyboard” moment because this was one of the more difficult treasures to find (busy, busy area) and took about 3 days for me to see a spawn.

I decided to put in a ticket on the very slim chance I could get it restored.  I had plenty of room in my bags and I actually might have “looted” it because the Lost Treasures addon didn’t show it any more with a “reset” (I think once a character loots a treasure they can’t “see” it again, although other characters on your accounts can get it if they haven’t looted it.)

I found the sword at about 5:52 pm server time Sunday night, and at about 10:30 pm I got a reply from a GM:

Blade of the Prime Restored!

Blade of the Prime Restored!

Yay!  The GM had me log over to Shadocat to make sure she got it, and there it was in the mail!

I must have really lucked out and had the item logged as “looted” but I don’t think I would want to take a chance again.

I don’t care how many elites are pounding on me – clicking that Accept button is Number One priority!

Now, I still have a few treasures to find – particularly the Jade Infused Blade – but I’m patient.

The only other question is…What the heck do I do with all those BoA Polearm Treasures?

March 2013

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