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I’m still stuck in the Jade Forest.

I haven’t got my Mage halfway to 87 yet.

I’ve got four characters at level 90 – maybe I’m just getting burned out on questing.

I know I’m getting burned out on dailies.

I was hoping to get at least one character through the Operation: Shieldwall stuff before 5.2 hits but I’m only halfway through Honored on my Priest since she’s the only one who can do them without dying 50 times.

I suppose skipping dailies every time the mine quests come up doesn’t help but hey…

Shieldwall Quest Guy:  “Here’s some stuff for you to do in the mine for a miniscule amount of rep.”

Me:  “Stuff it – see ya tomorrow!”

No point dragging everyone else through those nasty dailies until I get my Priest to revered and get the commendation – if it has one.

So I took my Rogue out for a little Relic Hunting and found one more.

Yaungol Fire Carrier

Yaungol Fire Carrier

Fire Camp Osul (66,45) in the Dread Wastes. I was sneaking around the camp, spotted a Trillium node and saw it when I was mining.

Bonus – my Rogue can equip it.  Heck, I might dust off that Combat spec just so I can transmog it.

Who doesn't want to whap enemies with a Fire Stick?

Who doesn’t want to whap enemies with a Fire Stick?

I’ve been spending a lot of time looking for transmog stuff for my Rogue.

I farmed Scholomance before the dungeon revamp just to get this Cadaverous set (leather version of the Silver Thread set.)

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have matching shoulders and cloak like the cloth set so I’ve been “shopping” around for something suitable.

All I’ve got so far are the Cloaked Shoulderpads and the Cloak of Beasts which kinda matches but there is probably something better out there.

Good thing my Mage had Inscription leveled up enough to get the Swords deck for the shoulders!

Helm transmog choices are easy – I’ve got the lovely Winterfin Patch of Honor and the rogue-y looking Scout’s Hood I luckily saved from a quest reward since it’s the black version with red trim.

I’ve got her daggers transmogged to Shadowblades which is okay for now.  There are so many awesome looking daggers I might be changing these a lot.

What I really want is the Fang of Oblivion but yeah…good luck with that!

But for now I’ll be happy with the Wind-Reaver’s Dagger of Quick Strikes…if I ever find it.

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