I was tired of my Rogue getting killed every 5 minutes doing dailies (screw you Domination mine!), I got enough Priests to open up my own Cathedral and I’m getting bored just logging on my 90s to do farming with nothing else to do so yeah, how about I level up this Worgen Mage stuck at level 73?

She’s got Inscription/Herablism at decent levels and who doesn’t want free Inscription stuff?

Main spec Fire, offspec Frost.  Sitting in Dalaran by the Inscription trainer with a whole bunch of Northrend quests in her log.

Well, a couple of minutes of sniffling made me decide I needed something different – something fresh to get me over the Northrend hump.

A race change from Worgen to Human, Draenei or Pandaren.

This was actually a tougher decision than I though it would be but eventually I decided to go with Pandaren so here’s my new little Mage.

New Panda Mage

New Panda Mage

I haven’t played a Mage in months (years?) so after reading about Frost as the best leveling spec and fixing up some keybinds I went on a leveling marathon.

Everything I’ve heard about Mages is true.  Frost is a two-to-four button wonder.  LoL everything’s dead.  I was blazing through content.

Level 80

Level 80

Even those really, really awful quests I remember killing my Priests and Rogue were a laugh for my Mage.

Hit Cataclysm content and started replacing my heirlooms with green quest gear.

It didn’t slow me down at all.  I was hitting around 35k dps with crappy quest greens.  My Rogue can’t do that well at level 90 with a few epics.

Sure, I died a couple of times along the way if I let mobs get too close and forgot about all the spells I had to counter them.

But for the most part stuff was dying so fast the only thing that slowed down my leveling time was traveling around to turn quests in and stopping to pick flowers.

Level 85

Level 85

Ready for Panda Land, parachute off the ship into the Jade Forest, pick up the first quest and…

First Quest - Dead Again

First Quest – Dead Again

Yup, first quest, first mob and I’m dead. Mobs have 135k health – I have about 93k.  It took me a while to get through the pack (with NPCs helping me) just to bomb those Horde wagons.


I eventually got to Paw’don Village village and with some selective sheeping/freezing I made it through the first few quests dying a couple of times along the way.

Nothing like dying for beer…

So yeah…I’m sure I’ll be back to LoLMage.  Just hope it’s sooner than later.