And…I blew it.

But before we get to that little ummm… “misadventure” I just had to post a response to my buddy Rep Grind’s post.

This is what happens when your top dsp can’t make the raid and you have a cat step in:

Dead Again

Dead Again

You knew I had at least one Dead Again picture!

I did actually live when the boss went down but didn’t get the screen shot – thanks Rep!


Fear-fear-fear-fear-fear.  If only Shadow Priests had a Fear Ward spell…


RL:  All you have to do is dps the big add and makes sure it dies and the little adds spawn before the boss does his Sun Breath to kill the little adds.  The Breath ability shows up on a timer.

Me:  Okay.

Pew-pew-pew-Sun Breath-Pew-pew-pew-big add dies-little adds all over.

Me:  I see timers showing up what’s the name of the Breath one?

Raid:  *crickets*

RL:  Sun Breath….

Well, maybe next week when the top dps is back.

Battle Axe of the Thunder King

After some very sound advice on my Rogue going Combat for this fight from a guildie, I decided to make one more attempt to get this stupid quest done and get my chest upgrade reward.

First try no luck – died again, but after I ran back from the (correct) graveyard and rezzed, I saw a Mage who was phased in on the same quest.

I asked if she was on the same quest (she was and had died 3 times) so we teamed up and got the stupid quest on our first attempt.

Battle Axe Quest - Finally!

Battle Axe Quest – Finally!

Now that I’m getting some “proper” gear I think I’m improving with my Rogue a little.

I already had an addon for Rogue timers to give me the illusion that I was keeping Rupture up (yeah, no energy regen) but I still kept forgetting my poisons!

The only “reminder” I had was if mobs were taking longer to kill than usual, that meant my poisons had run out and I forgot to reapply them.

So I found another addon that would do the job – Raven.  This is actually a very nice addon for buffs and debuffs and pretty much works “out of the box.”

I haven’t looked at fine-tuning everything yet, but when my poisons run out two little icons pop up on the screen to show I need to reapply them.

Very handy to make sure I have poisons running *before* engaging that elite mob for the Shado Pan dailies.  I’ve even picked up a couple of Achievements along the way.

Finish Them!

Finish Them!

Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage

I even got Exalted with the Golden Lotus so I can’t be THAT bad…right?? right??

The Golden Lotus

The Golden Lotus

Okay, okay – I still die but not as much.
I think that counts as “improvement.”