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Yes, I actually bought my Mage an almost full set of the Adventurer’s gear because she wasn’t in Cata content long enough to get some of the “better” stuff from questing.

No, there is no way I’d queue for Cata dungeons and risk getting 140 runs of Grim Batol.

The Adventurer’s gear was a pretty good upgrade for everything and I went “squish” a little less than when I started the Panda zone.

Now that I’m about halfway through the Jade Forest I’m dying a lot less and can sometimes take on 3 or 4 mobs and win!

My little Panda Mage hit level 86 last night so four more levels to go!  I also finally got my Herbalism up to about 540 so I can pick more flowers.

Working Around the Clock

Working Around the Clock

Still can’t pick all the Golden Lotus I’ve been seeing but I can’t sell all the ones I’ve got from farming anyway.

I’m thinking about trying out a dungeon or two.  I’m still questing as frost and it’s been a heck of a long time since I’ve used a pet, so I’m not sure what to do with Bubbles in a dungeon (yes, I named the little fellow Bubbles.)

I have three options – passive, attack and assist.  I usually have Bubbles on assist so I’m assuming that’s what I’d use in a dungeon.

Only problem I’ve noticed is that sometimes Bubbles will 1) move off to the side somewhere and pull another mob or two and 2) will start attacking something I don’t think I’ve attacked yet.

Now, it could be because I’m using an AoE spell that aggros everything (Frost Bomb? Yeah, gotta read up on these spells) and Bubbles is just doing his job.

So…I’m going to have to find a “dungeon” spell priority because you know how cranky tanks get if you AoE pull for them.

Of course, I think the first dungeon is Jade Temple.  It’s a decent dungeon – nothing too horrible – except that flipping boss where you have jump over the water running in a circle like a stupid.

Yeah, I can’t jump so 9 times out of 10 I’ll hit the water and I don’t even know if Mages have any instant cast spells while moving.  I know my Priest gets to spam SW:P running in circles until she goes OOM so I’ll have to find something to spam for my Mage.

I might even try a few Scenarios.

Relic Hunter

After finding the Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman, I looked up what you need for the Relic Hunter title (yeah, gotta have that!) and took my Rogue on a search mission to find some lost treasures.

Didn’t find anything except the Staff of the Hidden Master.

Staff of the Hidden Master

Staff of the Hidden Master

I think the Wind-Reaver’s Dagger of Quick Strikes would be an awesome transmog for my Rogue so looking for treasures is something to do when I get sick of dailies.

Nice that the weapons are BoA, so I sent the staff to my priest. It might also be a decent staff for my Panda Monk if I ever get her past level 43…

Staff of the Hidden Master

Staff of the Hidden Master

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