I was killing some time browsing the WoWProgress site and of course, gotta check out my characters.

My suspicions were correct – my Rogue is so bad she doesn’t even show up on the world listing or the US listing.

However, she is not the Worst Rogue on the Realm.  Let’s see… if I’m reading this correctly, she is 2,285 on the realm and if we just look at Rogues she is number 129.

Not the Worst!

Not the Worst!


I think 129 is pretty decent.  That’s just the gearscore thing but wow it’s hard to believe there are rogues on my realm decked out in gear more crappy than mine unless they are all wearing vendor whites.

Oddly enough I couldn’t find my Alli priest listed anywhere at all even though she should show up somewhere.

I checked my character page and WoWProgress has my Horde priest tagged as my Main.

Don’t know why unless it’s because she’s the only one who has stepped into a raid or two.  My poor Alli priest has only got one raid boss and that was only because she was helping out another guild.  Still haven’t found a raid for her but I’m looking!

Okay, so let’s look at my Horde Priest.

Horde Priest

Horde Priest

Still no world ranking (big surprise), but look at those Achievement points!

And better yet, look at that Pet Score!  Number 3 on the Realm and if we just look at priests, I’m Number 1!

So…there is a big gap on the Realm Pet Score between #1 and rest of us.  Heck, I’d be Number 2 if it wasn’t for some Arv guy 😉

Realm Pet Score

Realm Pet Score

But back to the priests!

I'm Number 1!

I’m Number 1!

Since WoWProgress can change by the minute, I thought I better immortalize my Number 1 spot for all time. Who knows when it will ever happen again?

Yes, I know it’s pretty sad that the only “ranking” I have on any characters at all is Pet Score instead of Raid Progress, Gear Score or Achievements, but what the heck?

I’ll take what I can get!

Battle Axe of the Thunder King

This quest is the bêtes noire of all quests for my Rogue.  Still haven’t got it yet, but interestingly enough, the Thunder King’s stuff quest line popped up for my Horde Priest last night.

As with my Rogue, the first two were easy.  I was a little apprehensive about the Battle Axe quest – not because I thought my Priest couldn’t do it, but because if I happened to die I might hit the graveyard bug again.

Sure enough, with her self-heals and AoE she stomped that quest in record time.  Heck, didn’t even need to stand in the circle that boosts dps.  She doesn’t even need the quest reward.

My poor Rogue though…I’ve been going through her spellbook and trying to work out a plan to finish this stupid quest and get the nice chest upgrade.

Might be a long, long time…