RNG? I don’t think so…

7 Flipping Vines

7 Flipping Vines

So…when I don’t want something I get a plethora of them, but when it’s something I want like the bug mount or better gear, then I get nothing.

Doesn’t sound very random, does it?  Excuse me while I put on my Tinfoil Hat…

The Rogue and the GM

On my continuing quest to prove beyond any doubt that I am, indeed The Worst Rogue in Azeroth I got exalted with the Klaxxi and found that I could purchase a couple of blue daggers to upgrade my icky quest green daggers.

I found a somewhat suitable enchant (since I don’t have rep to get the good ones yet) and I was feeling confident that I would do much better with the weapon upgrades and not die so much.

I was wrong.

I was doing the GL dailies (after trying them on my Horde and getting ganked every 5 minutes I figured I’d have better luck with my Rogue) and got enough rep to pop the Thunder King’s stuff quest line.

The first two were okay – Battle Spear of the Thunder King and Battle Helm of the Thunder King went fine.

But the last one, Battle Axe of the Thunder King well, I couldn’t do it.  At all.

I would start out okay but by the end when I had 8 mobs on me and couldn’t get to the healing or dps circles I’d be dead in a second.  The first two attempts put me in the graveyard down the path from the temple and of course, when you rez the gates shut and it has to be reset depending on where you died.

The third time I died a found myself in graveyard above the first graveyard but in another zone.  No way I could get back to my body because I couldn’t run over the mountains.

I was highly motivated to finish this flipping quest because it rewards a very nice 463 chest piece that’s a significant upgrade for me.

I put in a Stuck ticket and went to get some coffee.

When I got back I could see my ghost was in the temple and a GM was talking to me.  I explained the problem again (I put it in the ticket) and he said he was reporting it as a bug.

I thanked him and said I was going to give it one more try and if I died again I would drop it for now and try again later when I got better gear.

I figured he would leave, but he stayed around while I tried again, probably to see if (when) I died if I would go to the correct graveyard.

I didn’t disappoint him and quickly died and this time I was at the correct graveyard.  The GM said “Awwww,” gave me a waffle (#) and said he knows this quest and it’s a real PITA.

I thanked him again for the fast response and we went on our way.

That’s probably the “official” story.

What most likely happened:

The GM was astonished at how bad I was at playing a rogue and called all the other GMs over to watch me die for the 4th time.  Everyone had a good laugh and I made their day.

That’s my theory and I’m sticking with it.   And I still have my crappy old chest piece.

Pet News

I was doing something for some reason that had me taking the taxi over to Toshley’s Station, and of course flying over there were 500 or so Cogblade Raptors standing around until you land and get CRZ’d in the dooker with not a raptor in sight.

This time though, once I landed I actually saw a bunch of little green paws so I happily ran around battling them until I found myself a Rare.

Cogblade Raptor

Cogblade Raptor

I have yet to see a Mechanical Battlestone – do they even exist?  They must be more rare than the Minfernal!

I’ve got about 4 Elemental stones, 4 Flying stones and at least one or two of everything else except a Mechanical and a Humanoid.

I haven’t used any yet because I’m not sure whether to upgrade a wild pet that’s difficult to find, or use it on a non-wild pet.

No More Dailies!

At least on my Alli Priest!  Finally got Exalted with the Shado Pan which also gave me a few other achievements.

Take that, Shado Pan!

Take that, Shado Pan!

No more icky Shado Pan Dailies!

Why isn't this a Title?

Why isn’t this a Title?

50 Exalted Reputations

50 Exalted Reputations

I’m glad I finally got it done because the Onyx Cloud Serpent is really quite beautiful! Too bad my priest is the only one who can ride it right now.

Onyx Cloud Serpent

Onyx Cloud Serpent