I discovered that I can use those (fairly) useless Spirits of Harmony to trade-in for some Archaeology Crates!

Yes, I’m still looking for the bug mount (damn you, Castles of Sand and Sketch of a Desert Place) with not a bug in sight.

I got my Priest all the farming/cooking levels so I don’t have to grow anymore veggies except for my buff food (which I think is fish anyway) so what to plant, what to plant?

I grew herbs for a while until even the Golden Lotus didn’t sell on the AH anymore so that’s no longer worth planting.

I grow about 8 plots worth of cloth because I don’t get much anymore with fewer dailies to do and I love making those 28-slot bags for my alts (since they don’t sell on the AH either.)

Ore is about the only crop I can sell at the moment so I plant a few of those and send it to my Rogue for “processing.”  She gets enough ore anyway running around doing dailies and does find a bit of cloth to send to my Priest.

But I think I’m going to plant my entire farm with Motes just so I can turn them in for crates.  My Rogue just opened up all 16 plots on her farm so she can grow anything else I might need.

I’m almost tempted to level up my Hunter just enough to get her farm going for a couple of extra plots.  She still has to get through Cata content so…maybe not.

I’ve pretty much maxed out all the dailies rep stuff (except Shado Pan.)  Yes, I started doing the Shado Pan dailies again since the Commendations came out.  I still hate them, but I’m almost exalted so I think I can stick it out for a few more days.

I could use the extra gold anyway since I haven’t purchased one of the rep mounts from any faction available at exalted.  Talk about expensive and what’s with the cost increases for simply a different color?

Reins of the Black Riding Goat is 1500 gold but Reins of the White Riding Goat is 3250 gold?  Does the White Goat sing, dance and do the dishes?


I know it’s a gold sink but we have enough gold sink mounts already with the traveling yak, JC mounts and the new Engineering mount (none of which I could ever hope to purchase.)

I need about 7 more mounts for the Achievement and kite mount reward but considering how hard it is for me to make gold it might be a while.

On the bright side I logged into my gnome I created simply for the purpose of scouting out Fluxfire Felines, and finally found a Rare speedy one!

I have accumulated a few Battlestones but I have never seen a Mech or Human battlestone, so finding a Rare speedy Fluxfire Feline made my day!