Okay, I finally got the Han Stormstout quest done.  Fortunately a Rogue had commented on Wowhead about stealthing in behind good old Han, clicking the amber and vanishing to avoid the swarm.

It worked like a charm.

I kept following the quest chain in Dread Wastes to make sure I didn’t miss anything and have to go back later like I did with my priest.

Most were Klaxxi quests wakening the paragons and feeding them, and the best part was with the rep commendation I was almost halfway through Revered before doing one Klaxxi daily – very nice!

I thought I was doing pretty good and thinking maybe I got a handle on this rogue stuff, until I hit the wall with Beneath the Heart of Fear quest.

I got 3 out of 4 Adjuncts with one or two tries (poisons help a lot) but couldn’t kill Adjunct Surez with his stupid knockbacks and tornadoes.

I read that one can interrupt the tornadoes so theoretically I could avoid a couple of them, but the knock back came *before* the tornado so I was never within range to interrupt it, so Wind Blast + Focused Strike + Tornado = Dead Rogue.

First time I died I couldn’t find the entrance – it’s a long way from the graveyard – so I had to take rez sickness after running around for 20 minutes looking for it.

That’s okay though – I needed some time to “mark” the entrance from the graveyard for subsequent death runs and figure out how to beat this guy.

I looked through my spell book to see if there was anything useful, switched up a couple of things and tried again using everything I had – Vendetta, Cloak of Shadows, etc. with liberal doses of Recuperate.

I would almost kill him until the Wind Blast/Tornado combo finished me off.  It got to the point where I knew if I wasn’t going to kill him I’d just Vanish to save myself another long graveyard run.

Kiting isn’t an option because if you pull any of the Adjuncts too far up the ramp they will reset back to full health so you’re stuck in that little chamber.


I lost count of how many attempts I made at finishing this guy off.  I finally gave up when my little armor guy was almost completely red and racked up an 86g repair bill for my green gear.

I had to enlist the aid of a raid-geared guildie to help me out just to finish the damn thing.

Yup, I totally fail as a rogue.

After that horror was over, I decided to take a break and do some easy Tiller daily quests.  You know, set off some fireworks, steal some food, kill a few monkeys, get a bit of rep.

First quest – The Kunzen-Legend Chief.  Kill a monkey and grab his book.  Done this a thousand times on my priest, no problem.

Yeah, rain of fireballs so Dead Rogue.  Luckily by the time I ran back from the graveyard someone else had killed him and I could pick up the quest item.

I can’t even kill a stupid monkey.