First, let’s see how well I did with last year’s resolutions that are still relevant:

I resolve to run LFR once a week and not throw a rage fit if the Hunter wins the Priest token.

Yeah…that didn’t happen because LFR now has longer queues (for dps) and still takes forever.  Of course with the new looting system I still get to throw a rage fit now that I don’t get anything at all.

I resolve to find a way to make more gold for my main who has no gathering professions and makes no gold from Engineering/Tailoring.

Nope didn’t figure out a way to make gold because all my toons are still broke.

I resolve to figure out my new Razer Naga mouse and re-keybind the spells I can’t reach on the keyboard to improve my dps.

Yes – I did this – in fact I did it twice because my Naga died and I had to replace it with a new Naga.  Unfortunately it didn’t do squat for my deeps.

I resolve not to rage quit after solving my 1,054th “Sketch of a Desert Place” Tol’vir artifact instead of the Crawling Claw or Scepter of Azj’Aqir.

Hehehe…yes I kept digging the entire flipping year and got the Crawling Claw so I have to declare this resolution fulfilled!  I’ll add the scepter to this year’s resolutions, and the next year’s, and the next year’s, etc.

I resolve to “clean out” my maxed out Void Storage of duplicate Transmogrification pieces I’ve been hanging on to “just in case.”

Well, I kind of did this.  I cleaned out my bank a bit and cleaned out some Void Storage stuff so I would have room to put in the stuff I wanted to keep from the bank.  Void Storage is full again.

I resolve to finish up any World Event Achievements that require costume pieces so I can get rid of the ones cluttering up my banks.

Yup, did this too.  Got rid of all the costumes just in time to get them all over again for last year’s events.  So…deleting all the new costumes is going back on the resolutions list.

I resolve to delete at least one alt I don’t play anymore and/or race change one of 7 Worgen alts to something I will play.

No, I didn’t do this or race change my Worgens.  They all have new careers as bank alts.

I resolve to level up at least one Enchanter and Jewelcrafter to save my main a ton of gold.

Well, I did get one Enchanter maxed out until MoP and now she’s behind again.  Jewelcrafter-now-bank-alt is still stuck at level 300 or something, so no.  In fact I think I went broke trying to level them up.

WoW Resolutions for 2013

Okay, I’ve learned my lesson and will keep this simple:

  1. I resolve to stop planting Mogu Pumpkins and plant something useful because I don’t need 3,498 pumpkins.
  2. I resolve to finish up the August Celestial rep to get my bag pattern so I never have to do another rep daily again.  Sorry, Shado Pan.
  3. I resolve to max out all the cooking stuff and Friend reps so I can avoid more dailies.
  4. I resolve to go through my pet journal and delete duplicate pets I can’t cage and find rare pets to replace the poor, common and uncommon wild pets cluttering up my journal.
  5. I resolve to level at least 5 useful battle pets instead of just my favorites.

Carried over from last year:

  1. I resolve to keep digging until I find the Scepter or rage quit Archaeology forever.
  2. I resolve to improve my dps even if it means learning basic math to fix my stats.
  3. I resolve to delete all World Event costumes from all my characters because Achievements are now account bound and there is no reason to keep them.

Happy New Year everyone!