On Friday I found out that my ex-husband had suffered a heart attack and died on December 12, 2012.

One of the happiest memories I have of him and our marriage is the fun we had playing WoW together.  He played a Human Warrior and I of course, had a Night Elf Hunter.

We didn’t have a clue about the game but had a blast running around Azeroth as complete noobs wondering why we couldn’t kill mobs in Stratholme to finish a quest, or confused as to why he couldn’t wear plate at level 20 or how he would run off yelling “ore!” every time he saw a mining node and drag a pack of mobs along with him.

Even though things didn’t work out between us I always loved him and hoped he would come home someday.  I looked at his Armory and saw that he finally completed the Loremaster achievement the day before he died.

His family didn’t bother telling me until after the funeral or let me know where he was buried so I never had a chance to say goodbye.

All I could think of doing was creating a Night Elf Hunter on the server we used to play together on and saying my goodbyes at the last place where we were happy together.

Rest in Peace my dear Warrior, Rest in Peace.