…when you play the game with some awesome people who will run you through raids just to get pets, let you know when those elusive rares are spawning or just give you something you need?

Last night this guy showed up out of nowhere and surprised me with the perfect third team member for my Egyptian Mythology pet battle team – thanks Arv!

Sand Scarab

Sand Scarab

I wanted to name it “Imhotep” but the name was “reserved” (oh for pete’s sake Blizz, the guy’s been gone like 2500 years already!) so I picked “Coco” for now because it looks like a cute little chocolate scarab.

Can’t wait for the holidays because I want to level up my favorite team and kick some tamer behind!

To all my guildies, friends and blogger buddies – have a great Holiday and a successful New Year!  May all your gear be Epics!

Oh, and don’t forget that Turkey “Dinner” has a Food Coma ability 😉